Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3 Season Family Camping Tent Review

Looking for a large, durable, and sturdy tent for your next family camping trip? Are you confused about whether investing in the Tahoe Gear glacier 14-person 3 season tent will be a good option? You will get the answers to your questions here.

Our team has vast camping experience and we have used several family camping tents for years. Through these experiences, we learned what must be the features and characteristics of an ideal family camping tent. We decided to write a complete review of the Tahoe Gear glacier 3 season tent.

This will be going to an unbiased review so that you will understand how this tent performs well and where it lacks. So, let’s begin by mentioning some highlighted features of this tent.

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3 Season Tent Features

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person 3-Season Tent Features

  • Polyethene floor
  • It can accommodate up to 14 people
  • Two doors
  • Open mesh design
  • Several large zippered windows
  • Ground vents
  • Shock corded poles
  • Two rooms
  • 7-foot peak height
  • Functional power slip
  • Excellent cross ventilation

  • Available at a good price point

  • Easy setup

  • Best tent for large family camping

  • Available in two colour options

  • Solar shield

  • Not suitable in a heavy rain downpour

  • The tent fabric is prone to tear and ripping if used very roughly

Tahoe Gear 14 Person Tent Review

Below, we have a complete detailed review of the Tahoe Gear glacier family camping tent. We will be going to cover important aspects like weight and portability, setup, structure, person capacity, ventilation, fabric material, weather resistance, functional power slip, and more. So, let’s get started…

1. Weight and Portability

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Camping Tent Packing Size

The packed dimensions of the Tahoe Gear glacier camping 3 season tent measure as 31.5 in x 12.6 in x 11.8 in and it weighs around 41.85 pounds. This is a large family camping tent that can easily accommodate your whole family. The tent materials are also quite durable. Hence, it is obvious for a large family camping tent to have a good weight.

But, you don’t need to worry because it includes durable carry bags, pole bag, and stakes. Therefore, carrying this huge family tent from your home to the camping site is quite easy. It will be even more beneficial if you carry this tent while on a car camping with your family.

You can also place the easy-to-carry tent bags on the roof of your car. Therefore, despite the weight, it is a portable tent. You can also distribute the bags to your family members in order to carry this tent from car parking to the camping site.

2. Setup

It is very important to select a tent with an easy and time-saving setup when you are on a family camping trip. Apart from pitching the tent, we also have various other essential activities to perform. Don’t forget about the kids and pet dog with you. In this perspective, the Tahoe Gear Glacier family camping tent performs very well.

Actually, this tent is very easy to setup. It comes with shock-corded poles and a ping-and-ring system. These allow campers to pitch their tent in very little time. You can also ask kids and adults to help you in pitching this tent. As per our experience, it takes less than ten minutes to pitch this tent.

It is also recommended to practice pitching this tent a day before heading towards the camping site. This will also get you the confidence to set up a large family tent in no time. Also, make sure to use and perfectly set up the included stakes and guy ropes. These will not make your tent stable but also make resistance against the gusts of wind.

3. Structure

When you successfully complete the tent setup, the first look is quite impressive and attractive. This huge family tent looks sturdy and durable. On successful setup, the length x width x height dimensions of this tent measure as 20 ft x 12 ft x 7 ft. It has two D-shaped side opening doors. Hence, both entering and exiting the tent is quite easier. You will not be going to disturb others while entering or leaving the tent. The doors are also large for convenience.

Apart from that, there are several large windows available on all sides of the tent. These windows can also be zipped or unzipped. These windows will let you have a look outside without leaving the tent. These windows also have mesh panels to keep you safe from mosquitoes.

This family camping tent has an open mesh design. Hence, the mesh ceiling section doesn’t let you feel suffocation. Another great advantage is the rainfly. This will keep your tent and stuff dry when it is raining outside. This huge camping tent also consumes lots of space for setup. Hence, you will need to find an even open space for easy setup. Another good thing is that this tent is available in two stunning colours – red and green.

4. Person Capacity

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Camping Tent Capacity

The company claims that the Tahoe Gear glacier camping tent can accommodate up to 14 people easily. How much space do you really get practically? Let’s find out. The floor dimensions of this tent are 20 ft x 12 ft. Moreover, it also features a zippered polyester wall inside.

You can simply zip this wall to convert a huge spacious tent into two large rooms tent. Therefore, this feature becomes very beneficial when people of two separate genders are camping together and they need separate space for sleeping.

Moreover, if there are two families camping together then these two rooms can be used for separate privacy. Even, if there are less than 14 people then one room can be used for sleeping and one for keeping camping bags, essentials, camping gears, and other stuff. Keep in mind that there is no vestibule or any other additional storage option available in this tent. Hence, this tent will be good for up to 10 people for a comfortable stay.

The peak height of the tent measure as 7 foot. Hence, you get a spacious room to easily move inside and this tent can easily accommodate tall people.

5. Ventilation

The proper flow of air is very important for any family camping tent. You don’t want to feel discomfort or suffocation at night because of the absence of proper air circulation. When it comes to ventilation perspective, the Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 person tent performs very well. It has large mesh and zippered windows available on all sides of the tent.

Therefore, it will not only enhance the flow of proper air throughout the tent but also keep you safe from blood-sucking mosquitoes and irritating flies. Apart from that, these openings will also allow the natural light to come inside for proper vision.

Apart from the open mesh design of this tent, it also has ground vents available. Hence, the hot air will get outside from the ceiling and the fresh air will get inside through windows and ground vents. Moreover, this open mesh design also helps in experiencing the best of stargazing without leaving the tent. You can enjoy blinking for stars at night and observe the tremendous star constellations.

If you have some neighbours tent around your tent then sometimes you will need privacy. You can simply close zippered windows and doors. But, this will not let you feel sophisticated. The ground vents will maintain the airflow throughout the tent. Apart from that, excellent ventilation means it will also prevent the condensation build-up on the tent walls.

6. Fabric Material

The quality of fabric material plays an important role in the durability and longevity of any camping tent. The tent body fabric used in this tent is 1200 mm 70 D/190 T polyester. This is an ideal fabric material for family camping tents. Moreover, the 1200 mm 70 D/190 T polyester is also used in the fly fabric. Hence, this high-quality fabric material makes a tent body and fly durable and sturdy.

Talking about the floor fabric, 120-gram polyethene binding floor is used here. Moreover, the fly seams are also taped. You don’t need to worry about any rainwater getting inside your tent through the ceiling when rainfly is on and no groundwater will come inside through the floor. It is still recommended to use tarps for more resistance and comfort.

7. Weather Resistance

The Tahoe Gear glacier 14 person family camping tent is a 3 season tent. There is no doubt about it. The quality materials are used in tent construction. You can use this tent without getting affected by outer weather elements. During summers, the availability of large mesh windows, two large doors, and open mesh design will provide excellent cross ventilation. The 1200 mm 70 D/190 T polyester used in the rain fly will keep you and your camping accessories dry and safe. The tent has water-resistant fabrics.

You don’t need to worry if you are camping in hot summers. Apart from excellent cross ventilation, it also has a strong solar shield. This prevents the tent from direct sun exposure and reduces the inner tent temperature. The fly canopy also extends out over the door for extra coverage. Therefore, you don’t need to zip the door in light of rainy conditions. You can also check out the best sleeping bags for camping.

8. Functional Power Slip

The functional power slip is another great advantageous feature of this tent. Actually, this power slip is positioned next to the door for convenience. Basically, it allows easy access to the power cord so that you can easily use electric gadgets while staying inside the tent. You can use this additional feature to effectively run a lamp, charges, and much more.

Does Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person Family Tent Worth to Buy?

As per our experience and detailed review, our one-word answer will be Yes. The Tahoe Gear glacier 3 season tent is best for family camping. This tent can easily accommodate 14 people. There are several large windows available and two large doors that make entering and exiting a quite easier.

Moreover, ground vents also contribute to proper airflow. The open mesh design and these openings ensure excellent cross ventilation throughout the tent. The zippered polyester wall also separates the huge spacious tent into two different large rooms. This tent is also available in two stunning colour options red and green.

Even pitching this large family camping tent is very easy. It comes with shock-corded poles and a ping-and-ring system. Despite the weight, this tent is portable. It comes with durable carry bags and pole bags. The durable 1200 mm polyester fabric is used in both tent body and fly. The fabric used in this tent is water-resistant.

The functional power slip feature allows easy access to the power cord. The solar shield prevents the tent from sun exposure and also reduces the inner tent temperature. All these useful features of this huge family camping tent are available at a very good price that you will don’t like to miss.


Above, we have a detailed review of the Tahoe Gear glacier 14-person family camping tent. Each feature of this tent is discussed in detail. This tent stands as a must-buy option for those who want a sturdy and durable tent for their next family camping trip. You can share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on tent reviews and camping guides.

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