How to Stay Cool While Summer Camping – Tips and Tricks

Are you planning your next camping trip in the summers? Are you worried about hot, stifling summers? Your search ends here. Below, we have featured the best working summer camping tips and tricks to stay cool. You can follow these tips and tricks and make your summer camping trip comfortable and enjoyable.

You don’t need to reschedule your camping trip just because of hot summers. Camping is an all-season activity, and experienced campers are well-aware of this fact. It would help if you started to tackle several weather conditions, and you can enjoy having a memorable time camping with your friends. You need to invest your next ten minutes in reading this guide thoroughly, and you will end up with unbeatable confidence for camping in hot summers.

Best Summer Camping Tips & Tricks

Best Summer Camping Tips & Tricks

1. Take Advantage of the Breeze

An experienced and smart camper perfectly knows how to take advantage of available sources. One of the best sources that can keep your tent cool is a breeze. You need to figure out the direction of the current it will be going to flow in the day and the night. The simple and best quickest way to figure out the breeze direction is to use your finger.

Wet your finger then hold it up in the air. Now, you can quickly figure out that the cold side is indicating the direction the wind is blowing from. Or, you can also check a weather app on your smartphone then use a compass to know the breeze’s correct direction.

Once you are confirmed, face your tent door into the wind. It becomes more beneficial if you have a tent with lots of Mesh. You can remove the rainfly, open the mesh ceiling, windows, doors for proper air circulation.

2. Invest in a Tent with lots of Mesh

If you love camping a lot, then you can plan for your next camping trip. This way, you will not be going to suffer because of hot summer days and nights. You can invest in a tent with lots of Mesh. Some of the summer camping tents with lots of Mesh are available at a very reasonable price.

The mesh tent walls or mesh layer on the window, door, or mesh ceiling will ensure proper air circulation throughout the tent. You don’t need to worry about any sophistication or condensation build-up. Big brands like Core and Coleman have some great summer camping tent models.

It is also recommended to select a tent with a screen room. This screen room is all Mesh, and it is perfect for sleeping on hot summer nights. Moreover, these mesh layers protect you from blood-sucking mosquito bites.

3. Disassembling the Tent During the Day

Your tent absorbs sun rays when it is in direct contact with them. That’s why most people feel hot even when they enter the tent. It doesn’t matter whether your tent fabric is polyester, nylon, or synthetic.

Most of the experienced campers always prefer to disassemble their tent during the day in hot summers. This task of dismantling the tent in the day and assembling when the moon is on requires a bit more work, but it is entirely worth it.

The best solution is to invest in an instant setup tent. The Core and Coleman both brands offer a good number of instant setup tent models that can be assembled and disassembled in just 30 to 120 seconds.

4. Using a Reflective Sunshade

If you don’t want both your hands in pitching and disassembling the tent again and again, then we have an excellent solution for you. You can use a reflective sunshade. You can easily pitch a reflective sunshade over your tent.

This will keep your tent cool by reflecting all the sun’s hot rays into the sky. Make sure to pitch the reflective sunshade at least twelve inches above the top of the tent.

This extra space will ensure proper air circulation and keep your tent cool. Shiny reflective sunshades work the best, but you can also use a tarp. You can use poles, trees, and stakes to pitch the reflective sunshade.

5. Pitch Your Tent In the Natural Shade

You can prevent your tent from the direct contact of sun heat by pitching the tent in the natural shade area. There will be trees, maybe huge rocks, or anything that can provide you with a good amount of natural shade. An important thing to consider here is the path of the sun.

You will have to determine from where the sun rises and where it dawns. This way, you will be able to know which area remains shaded during the whole day.

You can easily pitch your camping tent in the natural shade area and let the trees absorb the sun’s heat. Hence, if you got the right natural shade area, then you will not be going to pitch and disassemble your tent again and again.

6. Remove the Rainfly at Night

When you sleep at night, heat from your body and hot breath floats upward to the tent top. If you have put the rainfly over the tent, it will be going to locking the heat. Therefore, the moisture and heat will not be going to escape from the tent.

If you do not find any signal of rain, then remove the rainfly over the tent. It will enhance the air circulation throughout the tent, and you will be going to notice the difference on hot summer nights quickly. Make sure to keep the rainfly in hand so that you can easily install it in sudden unexpected rainfall.

7. Soak a Towl and Lay it Across Your Neck and Forehead

Take a towel or a cloth, and dump it in the cold water. Now, lay this damp cloth across the back of your neck and forehead. We all are well aware that the high heat value of water needs more energy to boil. This way, a damp cloth laying across your forehead or neck will absorb the heat. You can flip this wet cloth or towel, and it will again absorb heat. You can also apply this same trick with a soaking heat or wet shirt.

8. Buy a Portable Fan

You can buy a portable fan to sleep on hot summer nights on a camping trip comfortably. These portable fans are battery-powered and offer a good working time that you can comfortably sleep the whole night.

While purchasing one, make sure it is lightweight, quiet, portable, and has the right compact size. Also, check how easily it attaches to the tent floor, ceiling, or wall. You can easily find a lot of portable fan options for camping available on the internet.

9. Sleeping in Hammock

Another option that most people prefer on hot summer nights on a camping trip is sleeping in a hammock. A hammock will be going to give full-body proper air circulation. You will also be going to need a mosquito net because a hammock will make your body skin prone to mosquito bites. You can check out some excellent ventilation family tent reviews here.

If you are purchasing one, then make sure it has a good amount of fabric to stretch out. Also, don’t forget to string a tarp over your hammock. It will prevent you from getting wet in the rain.

In case, if you have some bad back issues, then you can lie diagonally in it. This will give your body a completely flat surface. If you love hammock, then you can try it.

10. Use a Cotton Sheet Over A Sleeping Bag

If you feel sophisticated in a sleeping bag or it is too humid and heat then you can try sleepi6in a cotton sheet. You can easily place this cotton sheet on top of the mattress pad. We are pretty much sure that even the warmest weather-rated sleeping bags may trap heat and prevent a breeze from getting you to. Therefore, this cotton sheet will not only keep your whole body well-ventilated but also provide enough warmth for comfortness.

11. Keep Well-Hydrated

You also have to ensure that your whole body is well-hydrated. Our human body is sixty percent water, and it becomes essential to keep it hydrated. Water makes your body healthy and relaxed as we all know that water has a high heat value.

This means it will be going to take a lot of energy to change the temperature of the water. Hence, you keep yourself well-hydrated for prevention from overheating. You can make specific points in your watch, especially for drinking a glass of water.

12. Try to Sleep Earlier

You can try to sleep earlier when it is dark. This way, you will complete your sleeping hours and will be able to wake-up early in the morning. We all perfectly know that the morning sun can heat a tent to suppress temperatures. You can check out some great sleeping bags here for camping. Therefore, you will wake-up early in the morning and disassemble your tent. These few tips can be followed for comfortable camping in hot summers.

13. Prefer Only Light-Colored Clothing

Whenever you go for a camping trip in the summers, always prefer light-colored clothing over dark-colored. The reason is solar radiation soaks into dark-color surfaces and reflects off light-colored clothing. Apart from that, pack only loose-fittings and breathable fabric clothing.

The best example of breathable fabric is cotton. You can take clothing ideas from hot places of the earth like Saharian Africa. You can also share your thoughts with us on clothing in the comments section below.


Follow the above listed best-working tips to stay cool while camping in hot summers. One more beneficial piece of information is to carry plenty of frozen water with you in coolers. This will not only keep you and your food cold, but it will also convert into drinking water when melted.

You can also share your valuable views, tips, queries, and suggestions in the comments section below. Our team will give its best to resolve your questions. Keep reading for more information on making your camping trip comfortable and joyful.

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