How to Plan A Family Camping Trip (Full Guide)

Want to have an enjoyable time only with your whole family? Why not plan for a family camping trip? Already on that. Wait a minute. Have you planned everything to make your family camping trip successful? This guide is entirely dedicated to you. Below, we have a complete guide on how to plan a family camping trip?

It’s time to bring your kids away from laptops, television, and let them be a member of an enjoyable family camping trip. While planning a family camping trip, you have to be extra prepared because you have kids and the entire family with you.

Below, we have briefly discussed the complete guide in steps. This guide is a one-stop solution for you, and you need to invest your next ten minutes in reading the guide thoroughly. By the end, you will have a clear plan for your next family camping trip.

Steps to Successfully Planning a Family Camping Trip

Step 1: Selecting the Right Destination

Every trip begins with selecting the right destination. A perfect site selection can make your family camping trip memorable. You need to keep one golden rule in mind, which is the camping site must be according to your family members’ abilities. If you have kids in your group, then make sure your selected site is kid-friendly.

If there are elders in your family camping group, make sure your site is according to them. It is obvious to ensure that your selected site has the necessary amenities, like running water and flushing toilets. These are inevitable when you are on a family camping trip. Most of the recognized national camping grounds provide these amenities.

If your family member like to explore the nearby city attractions during the day, then make sure your camping site is not far from the city. If there are adults in your family camping group, then a backpacking trip to a remote location will be more adventurous. Also, ensure that stores are not too far from your camping site. In case if you need something important, then you can visit the accessible store.

Step 2: Making a Camping Reservation

If you have selected a remote location, you do not need to worry about any camping reservations. If you have chosen a state or national camping ground, you may need to make a camping reservation in advance. Even most of the established camping grounds reservations are taken up to a year in advance.

There will be reserved or not, ultimately depends on the camping site you have selected. In the same way, you will also find some camping sites that do not follow the camping reservation methodology. Don’t forget to keep a big family tent for camping. Instead, they are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, to find a good camping site, you will need to plan to arrive at the destination early.

While making a reservation, make sure that pets are allowed at the camping site or not? This is very important for those who have pets. If you love enjoying yourself with your pet dog or cat, then you can also select another location that allows them.

Most of the recognized state and national camping grounds provide two reservation methods – online and telephonic. Once you have chosen the right destination along with a reservation, you have successfully planned half of your family camping trip.

Step 3: Packing Required Gears

You will need camping gear, cooking equipment, supplies, and other important stuff while on a family camping trip. Here we golden advice for you so that you will not miss any important gear while selecting and packing them. The perfect solution is making a packing list.

If your kids are old enough, then allow them to make their special packing list. Only pick up those gears that are important for making your family camping trip successful because the less weight you will go, the more you will enjoy. Below, we have listed some essential equipment that you must have on your list:

  • A large-size family camping tent
  • Rainfly for the tent
  • A ground tarp
  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • Insect repellent
  • Camping Lantern and fuel
  • Camping Mattress, cots, or sleeping pads
  • Camping stove and fuel
  • Well-stocked first aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Cooking set for camping
  • Water carriers

Apart from the above listed essential stuff, it would be best to carry only those gears that are important for you. Also, allow the kids to have a toy so that they feel comfortable outdoors. The best way to pack camping stuff is storage bins. You can easily carry these storage bins in the back of your car. You can also label these bins as camping gear, food, and cooking equipment.

Important Note: Before packing camping gears, make sure to test them. This will ensure that the required stuff is in working condition and you will not suffer when needed.

Step 4: Planning the Route

Now, you are ready with the perfect camping destination, a camping reservation, a list of all inevitable camping gears, and a packing procedure. It’s time to plan the route. It is always good to select the route from your home to the camping site full of exciting and aesthetic views.

You can also arrange for a few stoppages to enjoy some interesting natural attractions. When you have kids with you, making an exciting hype about the camping trip is always better. Kids never like just to be dragged from one place to another. A few exciting attractions can make the route enjoyable.

Step 5: Planning of Snacks and Meals

When on a family camping trip, it gets essential to plan snacks and meals because a hungry stomach can ruin your camping experience. You have to make sure that kids do not get too hungry. Therefore, allow them to pick their favorite snacks.

Make sure to have picked snacks like gummy bears, crackers, and granola bars. When you are outdoors, it becomes essential to stay healthy and eat nutritious food. You will need to consume foods so that your body gets the right amount of energy to pursue outdoor activities.

Hence, keep your meals as healthier and nutritious as you can. You can prepare meals on a camping stove or over a fire. We would also like to recommend you allow the kid’s involvement in meal preparation. Make sure to distribute various responsibilities to your family members. Keep them engaged so that they do not get bored. As obvious, we cannot ignore water bottles. It is very important to ensure that all the members of your family camping trip are well-hydrated.

Step 6: Choosing Activities

Your family is on an adventurous outdoor trip. Kids are far from their home’s comfort zone. To decline the chance to get bored and make your family camping trip enjoyable, you can plan several activities. If you’re camping in summer, you must need to stay cool to enjoy your trip. You can ask your kids, “what they want to do when on a camping trip”? You can also read the reviews about the selected camping site from other camping enthusiasts. You will be going to get some practical ideas.

Moreover, you can bring board games, kites, stargazing kits while leaving home. These will keep you and the kids engaged on a camping trip. Also, don’t forget to bring storybooks. You can also allow your kids to choose storybooks.

Important Note: If there is any hint of rain, suddenly put the rainfly over the tent. Make sure to secure your tent using the included stakes and guylines completely. Also, put a ground tarp under your tent. This will not only prevent your tent from groundwater but also make the tent floor more comfortable to sleep in.

Ready to Explore With Loving Ones?

So, are you ready to explore the aesthetics of nature with your family? Above, we have briefly discussed essential points to consider to plan a family camping trip successfully. Here, we have one more useful tip for you. While sleeping at night, make sure all sleeping bags are not touching the tent walls.

They must be in the middle because condensation on the tent walls can make your sleeping bags wet. You can also share your valuable thoughts and views with us in the comments section below. Keep reading for more latest updates on best tent reviews and family camping tips.

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