How to Pack, Clean and Store Your Camping Gears

Camping is among the best outdoor activity that not only refreshes your mind but also satisfies your soul. To keep the camping gears continuously working on the track, it is essential to clean and store all the camping gears properly.

If you’re planning a family camping trip, you must need good camping gear for a wonderful experience. If your last tent just got caught with mildew growth or your portable camping stove is smelling, then this guide is for you. Below, we have a complete detailed guide on how to clean and store your camping gears properly.

Part 1: Cleaning Your Camping Gear

Sleeping Bags

It is always recommended to give your sleeping bags a complete clean before storing them. Sweat and stenches are very common to get stuck to the sleeping bags.

You can also check the sleeping bag’s label for cleaning. The best option is cleaning with a gentle dishwasher in a front-loading washer. After that, you can dry it in a front-loading dryer. Make sure to add tennis balls because it will help in keeping the insulation from clumping. Now, stuff the sleeping bag in a big size mesh bag, or you can hang it in a closet.


You have to ensure that your tent is completely clean and dry, including the stakes, guylines, ropes, and poles. Mildew growth is very common in wet tents. Therefore, if you store a tent when it is not completely dry, it will result in nasty fungus. If your tent is damaged, you can read or guide on how to repair a huge tent.

The best solution is to pitch your tent in the garden and let it completely dry. Now, brush off any sand or dirt particles from the stakes, poles, and fabric. Once you have checked everything is fine, then your tent is ready for storage.

Utensils and Pots

Even if you have rinsed your camping utensils, it is always recommended to clean them properly once you reach home. Sloppily cleaned cutlery will grow bacteria, and you will get prone to indigestion on your next camping trip. Maybe you are on a family camping trip, then it is a very considerable matter.

Therefore, once you are back home, give your entire camping utensils a complete clean with dish detergent or a good spin in a dishwasher.

Portable Camping Stove

It is common to get crumbs on a portable stove on a camping trip. An uncleaned portable stove will lead to irritating smell and bacteria growth. Therefore, it is essential to give a complete clean to the portable stove.

Caution: Make sure to remove the fuel before proceeding to clean your portable stove for camping.

After successfully removing the fuel, you have to wipe off any soot or crumbs growth from the stove’s exterior. Once you have completely cleaned the exterior, carefully read your stove’s instruction manual for cleaning the interior parts.

Camping Boots

It is obvious to give a complete clean to the camping boots. They will be the dirtiest part of all your camping stuff. Frankly, use warm water to remove dirt particles. Do not use soap because it will result in clogging of breathable membranes.

Once you have completely cleaned the camping boots, then it’s time to seal the exterior with a waterproof treatment according to the material used in your boots. While applying the waterproof treatment, kindly pay attention to the seams.

Sleeping Pad

There is no scientific theory or an advanced mathematical formula for cleaning a sleeping pad. Lol! Like other camping gears, you must pay attention to the sleeping pads. Even if your sleeping pad looks clean, there are high chances of sweet absorption and other dust particles because you were camping in the wilderness of nature.

To clean the sleeping pad, you will need warm and soapy water. After the cleaning process gets completed, hang until you find it is scorched. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before beginning the storage process.


A clean and well-organized backpack is a dream of every camping enthusiast. For cleaning the backpack entirely, you will need a large plastic tub, silicone grease, warm and soapy water.

Therefore, fill the plastic tub with warm and soapy water. Now, dunk and scrub your dirty camping backpack in it. Now, rinse the backpack with the hose. For cleaning the zippers, use the toothbrush. After cleaning, lube the zippers with silicone grease. After the entire cleaning process, hang it up and let it dry completely.

Water Filter

Lots of camping enthusiasts get confused when it comes to cleaning the water filter. It’s a very simple and straightforward process. You have to soak the water filter and hoses in a warm water bath diluted with a bleach solution. This quantity must be one tablespoon per gallon. Another best option is to use chlorine dioxide tablets.

Now, use the sponge or brush to clean the ceramic filters. After the cleaning process gets finished, you can stash it in a freezer. Storing in the freezer will prevent mold growth.

Hydration Bladder

Cleaning the hydration bladder process is very simple for cleaning the water filter. You have to scrub the hydration bladder with soapy water then soak it in a diluted bleach solution. Once done, you have to rinse it entirely.

It’s time to use the toothbrush for cleaning the screw caps and zip-tip closure. After that, hang the hydration bladder upside down so that it will drain water.

Storing Your Camping Gears

Part 2: Storing Your Camping Gears

Categorize Gears By Use

Camping gears can be categorized into different groups according to their use. If you perfectly organized the entire camping stuff into different categories, it will become easy to store them. Another benefit of storing gears in an organized way is that you will remember every particular gear where you stored it.

There is a common practice among camping enthusiasts for storing gears organized. You can divide them into groups. The portable stove and all utensils will fall into a cooking group. The same way, sleeping pads, stakes, the ground group and tent, and sleeping bags into the shelter group.

Load it into Bins

Now, you have perfectly organized stuff into different groups. It is the right time to load them into their respective bins. You can use bins or creates as per your convenience. Load each group of items into their bin. Make sure to label the bins so that you will quickly figure out what is exactly stored in a particular bin.

Many people also prefer lining their grouped camping stuff in spare shelves or up on a rack in the building’s basement. People save money by not purchasing bins or creates for storage. However, this results in the camping stuff getting damaged. Most people even don’t know how many mice are hanging out in the basement.

The Right Way to Store Camping Tent

Most of the camping beginners or even some experienced campers cold their tent. However, folding your camping tent will result in tearing of the fabric and damaging the waterproof coating.

So, what is the best and correct way to store a camping tent? You need to roll your cleaned tent in a sack instead of folding it. Make sure to store this sack away from windows so that it doesn’t get in contact with UV rays. If not considered, the UV rays will defiantly harm your tent fabric over time.

The Right Way for Storing Sleeping Bags

Almost all camping enthusiasts roll up their sleeping bags into a sack. This is the simplest and easiest solution. However, it will affect the insulation of your sleeping bag overtime.

If you ask us for the right way to store the sleeping bags, we prefer using a spare hanger in the back of your closet. Hang your sleeping bags on the spare hanger next to all your clothes.

Ready to Clean and Store Camping Gears?

Now, you know how easily and correctly you can clean and store your camping gear. While cleaning the portable stove, make sure that the fuel is removed. Being a smart camper, you must have your gears smartly organized.

If your gears will stay free of dirt and grime and storing them properly will make them last forever. Whether your camping gears are made up of nylon or leather, you must clean all your camping backpacking kit.

If you have any doubts, then you can ask in the comments section below. We will help you to resolve your queries. Have a nice day…

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