Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room Review

Camping becomes interesting when our loving ones are around us. Being a responsible person, you have to be confident about the quality of your selected tent. That’s why the below article is a completely unbiased and detailed review of the Ozark Trail 12-person 3-room instant cabin tent with screen room.

When it comes to a large family camping tent with multiple rooms, experienced campers prefer the Ozark Trail 12-person 3-room instant cabin tent. You don’t need to worry because we have reviewed this tent based on several important factors. You have to read this guide completely, and you will have a clear concept about this tent.

Features of the Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

  • 168 sq. ft. of total floor area
  • Three rooms
  • 56 sq. ft. of floor area per room
  • Fully freestanding structure
  • 76 inches of peak height
  • Total of ten windows
  • Screen room available
  • Three vents
  • Heavy-duty steel poles
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Fully taped seams
  • 600 mm waterproof coating

  • Six small gear pockets

  • Electric cable port available

  • Six months warranty period

  • Easy and quick two minutes tent setup

  • Mesh ceiling

  • Three doors

  • Great price

  • Absence of vestibule

  • Heavy-weight

Review of Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

1. Tent Setup Mechanism

Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent Setup

The Ozark Trail 12-person three-room cabin tent comes with an instant setup mechanism. This tent includes all-steel construction poles. These poles are very durable materials. Moreover, the vertical tent poles are telescopic, and the pole frame is pre-attached to the tent.

You need to unfold the tent then extend its telescopic poles until you hear a click sound. Despite its huge size and many poles, this tent can be easily pitched in just two minutes.

An easy and fast setup is inevitable to have in a family camping tent. When your family is out of their comfort zone in the wilderness of nature, then you have to be extra careful. Maybe there are kids or your pet dog in your family camping group. You have to give particular attention to them.

Hence, you can set up the tent within seconds and spend quality time with your family. Even if you have reached your camping destination in the dark, you will need a quick and easy setup mechanism tent. Luckily, you can pitch the Ozark Trail twelve-person three-room instant cabin tent within 120 seconds.

2. Structure of the Tent

Structure-wise, the Ozark Trail 12-person tent is very well designed. It looks huge and tall from the outside. At first look, it seems to be rectangular. But, if you see from the top of the tent, it is a Y-shape structure. The front side of the tent features a screen room. Apart from that, there are two separate two rooms available inside. Each room has its door and separate windows. There are a total of ten windows available inside the tent.

This is a cabin-style tent with straight steep walls. The measured peak height of this tent is 76 inches, or we can say 193 cm. Therefore, tall campers can also join you on a camping trip. This is a cabin-style tent, and the tent height at the sides remains the same as at the center.

The very beneficial advantage of this tent is that it is a fully freestanding structure. It is not mandatory to stake down the whole tent to the ground. Even after tent setup completion, you can rotate or move this tent-like a box. Moreover, you can easily pitch it on a little uneven ground.

The entire ceiling of the Ozark Trail twelve-person three-room instant cabin tent is with mesh. All windows are also a double-layer structure. This a very good liveable tent and perfect for a summer family camping trip. Disassembling this tent is as easy as pitching this tent.

3. The Screen Room

The main highlight of this family camping Ozark Trail tent is the screen room. It is a really big screen room with a 56 sq. ft. or we can say 5.2 sq. m. of area. This screen room allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of nature without leaving the tent.

You can place a table and chairs in the screen room and get a peaceful time with nature. You don’t need to worry about the bites of blood-sucking mosquitoes or those irritating flies. The screen room walls are double-layer structure.

The walls have panels plus mesh. This screen room is a well-ventilated area. A few people are confused about the floor of the tent. Yes, the screen room has a fully floored area. The floor material is the same as the other parts of the tent.

It is waterproof and will prevent the groundwater from entering inside the tent. This screen room has a double-size door along with an inverted T-shaped zipper so that you can easily get in and out of the tent.

4. Person Accommodation

The Ozark Trail instant setup cabin tent with screen room has floor dimensions as 20 feet x 18 feet, i.e., 240 in x 216. This tent has a Y-shape base structure. This cabin-style tent offers you 168 sq. ft. We can say 15.6 sq. m. of floor area.

The company has declared the person capacity of this tent for up to twelve people. They have described the person capacity of this tent based on the backpacking principle. That means you can insert up to twelve sleeping bags or three queen-sized air beds inside the tent.

Now, you have to think practically here. When camping with family or friends, the group will have bags, essentials, camping gear, and other supplies. This stuff will consume some space inside the tent. This tent also doesn’t feature any external storage options like a porch or vestibule area.

We can say that this tent will be best for up to six people for a comfortable camping experience. For family camping, it will better for parents with up to four kids. The peak height of this tent is 76 Inches, and this is a cabin-style structure. You can insert bunk cots for kids to save some space inside the tent.

5. Three Rooms and Privacy

The Ozark Trail, a twelve-person instant cabin screen room tent, comes with three rooms. One of them is a screen room, and there are two other separate rooms. Each room has 56 sq. ft. or we can say 5.2 sq. m. of area. When you are camping with your family, privacy matters a lot. The windows of the rooms can be closed as they have zippered panels. The doors can be closed as per requirement.

There are three room dividers available in this Y-shape structure tent. These room dividers are removable and can be folded as per requirement. If two couples are camping together, then two rooms can be used as a sleeping room and the remaining as a living room.

You can also insert a queen-size air-bed in each room. This is a tall cabin tent with straight walls. You can also insert bunk cots for kids to save space inside the tent.

6. Material Used

High-quality materials are used in this tent. It is very important to have clear information about the material used in a family camping tent. The tent wall fabric is polyester and comes with a 600 mm waterproof rating. This tent comes with a minimalistic design fly such that it only covers the entire mesh ceiling. The rain fly fabric is also polyester and has a 600 mm waterproof rating.

All of the tent poles are steel construction. This is a very durable and heavy-duty material. This tent’s pole frame is very rigid that it can keep this huge tent stable and taut against several weather conditions. This tent also incident seventeen durable steel stakes that can be used to stake down the tent properly.

7. Air Circulation

The Ozark Trail 12-person instant setup cabin tent is a very liveable family tent and ensures proper air circulation throughout the tent. This tent has a total of ten windows. Each room has a door. All of the windows are with mesh and zippered panels.

You can close the window anytime to enhance privacy. The mesh panel will maintain the proper airflow throughout the tent while keeping the blood-sucking mosquitoes, bugs, and other elements outside.

This instant setup cabin-style tent from the Ozark Trail also features three adjustable air-intake ground vents in its three rooms. Apart from that, the entire ceiling of this tent is mesh. Therefore, cool and fresh air will enter the tent through the windows and ground vents. The hot, warm air will rise and leave the tent from the mesh ceiling.

This automatic flow will maintain proper air circulation throughout the tent. These openings will prevent campers from the sophistication, and you will not be going to face any condensation build-up issues on the tent wall. The mesh ceiling will also let you enjoy stargazing at night. You can sleep under the stars with kids without leaving the tent.

8. Seasonality

The Ozark Trail twelve-person three-room instant cabin family tent is a perfect summer camping tent. The tent wall and fly fabric is a good-quality polyester material. Both fly and tent walls have a 600 mm waterproof coating. This is enough waterproof ratings to keep you and your stuff dry in light rainy conditions.

Typically, the waterproof ratings of an umbrella range between 400 mm to 500 mm. Hence, you get a clear idea about the waterproofness of the fly and tent fabric. However, the rainfly is minimalistic in design, and it doesn’t cover the tent entirely from the top to the ground. It will not be able to restrict the entry of rainwater from the windows in heavy rainy conditions.

This tent has a total of ten numbers of windows. There is a ground vent available in each of the three rooms. The entire ceiling of this tent is mesh. Therefore, there will be no air circulation issues inside the tent. This tent will be perfectly ventilated in hot summers.

But, it will not keep the warmth inside the tent. This tent is not suitable in winter or colder environment. The waterproof rating is not much enough. We highly recommend not to use this huge family camping cabin tent in a heavy downpour.

9. Packed Size and Weight

The length x width x height packed size of the Ozark Trail twelve-person three-room instant setup cabin tent is 50 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches, or we can say 127 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. The packed weight of this tent is around 45 pounds, i.e., 20.40 kilograms. This packed size and weight are very obvious because of its huge size. It features polyester fabric and heavy-duty steel poles.

Therefore, this tent is the best option for family car camping. It will be easy to transport this tent to the camping ground in a car. Make sure that the car is accessible at the actual camping site not to face issues while carrying this tent from the car to the actual camping site.

10. Additional Features

The Ozark Trail twelve-person three-room instant cabin tent comes with lots of several additional features. This tent has six small gear pockets. These pockets will allow you to safely keep your small belongings like smartphones, flashlights, lighters, keys, etc. However, for such a huge size family camping tent, these gear pockets are not much enough.

The company has also provided an electric cable port inside the tent. This port will allow you to access the electric cord, and you can take advantage of gadgets like your laptop. The company has also given a six-month limited warranty on this family camping tent. Overall, the Ozark Trail twelve-person three-room instant setup cabin tent with screen room stands as the best summer family camping tent. Core 12 person tent also has similar features to Ozark.


Just make sure that the car is accessible to the actual camping site. This is a heavy-weight tent, but very durable. The poles are steel construction, and polyester fabric is used in the tent fabric and fly. This tent also performs very well in maintaining proper air circulation throughout the tent. Any questions for us? You can comment below. Keep reading for more detailed and unbiased tent reviews.

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