How to Repair a Huge Tent (Detailed Guide 2021)

It is frustrating to find a tear or rip in your tent before reaching the campground. If your tent is already falling into several pieces, we highly recommend purchasing a new tent. If there are only a few small rips or large tears, then you can fix them. Below, we have a complete detailed guide to repairing a huge tent quickly and easily.

It is always recommended to check your tent properly before packing for your next camping trip. This will prevent you from a leaking or broken tent in the middle of nowhere. We have also discussed solutions to fix broken tent poles, zippers, and bent tent pegs. We highly recommend all smart campers to give this article a complete reading to get every necessary information.

Fixing Small Rips

Small rips are very common to face in cheap quality tents. Still, there are high chances of wear and tear because you are camping in the wilderness of nature. If your tent has a small rip or hole, then the best option is a tent repair tent to fix it. You have to apply the tent repair tape inside and outside the tent and then cover it with a seam sealer. The seam sealer will make the patch weatherproof.

You have to know that the tent repair tape selection must be according to the fabric of your tent. A wrong choice will not result in the best or satisfying results. If you have a canvas tent, then select the taffeta repair tape and seam sealer for the canvas. On the other hand, if you have a nylon tent, like the seam sealer and tape manufactured for nylon.

Fixing Large Rips

If your tent has a large rip, then you have to be extra careful with it. Larger rips will continue damaging your tent. If not treated well, then they can convert your tent to worse conditions. You don’t need to worry at all. Below, we have mentioned the best three practically working methods to fix large rips properly.

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Method 1: Using a Tenacious Tape

You can use a tenacious tape to fix tent tears. First, you have to trim the loose threads around the rip area by using a scissor. These loose threads will make your tent prone to further tearing.

Now, it’s time to clean the area around the cut. A dirty surface will obstruct the tape from adhering correctly. You will need to properly clean the inner and outer sections of the area around the tear. The best option to use for cleaning the cut area is an alcohol-based solution, or you can also use direct alcohol. Now, you have to rub this area gently to remove all the dirt from the cut surface.

Once done, you can steam the cut area to remove the loose ends. This step will also make the area flat so that the tenacious tape will adhere properly. Steaming is not a compulsory step. You can skip it at your convenience.

Here, the cut area is entirely ready to apply the tenacious tape. You have to simply cut the tape piece more extensive than the tear to cover the tear properly. Now, cut the edge of the tape to give it a round shape at the ends. This will make this tent piece resistant to peeling.

Now, remove the tape backing slowly, then apply it over the tear. Make sure to spread the tape properly to prevent any bubbles or creases. Also, apply the pressure on the tenacious tape so that it perfectly gets stuck.

It’s the right time to proceed with the most essential step – applying the seam grip on the tear and areas around it. To apply the seam grip, access the tear from the outside. The seam grip will not only enhance the strength of the repair but also make it weatherproof.

Congrats! You have done your job. Now, you have to give at least twenty-four hours to the tape and seam grip to perfectly set.

Method 2: Using a Needle and a Polyester Thread

If you have a needle and a polyester thread around you, you can follow this method to repair your tent’s tear. You have to start by cleaning the area around the tear. You can use an alcohol-based solution then rub the rip area from inside and outside.

If you have some sewing experience before, then applying this method is the perfect cup for your tea. Sew the rip area. Make sure not to puncture the tent. You can also get the help of someone around you.

After the sewing procedure, you have to apply the seam grip. It is essential because water can enter through the sewing holes. The seam grip will seal the sewing holes. You have done your job. Have patience and give the seam grip at least twenty-four hours to set up correctly.

Method 3: Using A Duct Tape

The duct tape must be on your checklist for the camping trip. If you don’t have any of the above accessories mentioned above, you will appreciate your decision to carry the duct tape.

Start by cleaning the surface around the tear to remove all the dirt. It an inevitable step because dirt will restrict the duct tape from applying correctly. Once the rip area is clear, use the duct tape. In case of duct tape wears off, then you will need to replace it. This is the easiest and quickest method when you haven’t many options available around you.

How to Fix Broken Tent Poles?

Broken tent poles are a common issue that most of the campers face. The main reason behind the broken tent pole is someone standing on your tent, strong winds, extreme pressure, wear and tear, carelessness while pitching the tent, etc.

One of the best solutions that most experienced campers follow is carrying a couple of spare tent poles. This way, you will be able to replace the broken tent poles with a good ones quickly.

If you don’t have spare tent poles with you and you need to fix the broken pole urgently, then the best option is duct tape. As we already said, duct tape must be on your camping checklist. There are tons of ways to use it. Duct tape will help you straighten the poles, except you want to fix a curve pole.

Once you reach the home, you can replace the pole with a new one. If you are already in the worst scenario, you can use tree branches and twigs as makeshift poles.

How to Fix a Broken Tent Zipper?

Do zipper’s teeth are misaligned, or the slider is jammed? The way of fixing the zipper depends upon which part of the zipper is broken. If the slider is jammed, then take some WD-40 and apply it to loosen the slider. Just make sure not to use it on the flysheet of your tent accidentally.

In case if the slider is broken, then you can use a pair of pliers. Make sure to fix it once you reach your home. If the zipper’s teeth are misaligned, then run the slider up and down a few times. The teeth will be aligned. However, if the teeth are broken, then you will need to replace the whole zipper.

How to Fix Bent Tent Pegs?

Have you bent tent pegs? Don’t worry. You can fix it. Bending is very common with cheap quality pegs. Most of the smart and experienced campers always carry spare tent pegs with them. It is still beneficial to carry them because you are prepared for anything in advance. One of the main reasons behind the bent tent pegs is hammering. Getting them into the shape back is very similar to their bending. Use a mallet to knock them back into shape.

Another solution is heating them until they become malleable. However, you have to be extra careful while proceeding. You can heat them on a camping stove.

Some Beneficial Tips

  • Store your tent correctly to dilute the chance of any damages.
  • Always check your tent before packing your tent for the next camping trip. You can pitch your tent in the garden and check for any damages.
  • Never pack your tent if it is wet. There are high chances of mildew growth on the wet tent fabric, which will ultimately damage the tent.
  • Make sure to fix broken parts of the tent before storing it.
  • Rocks can lead to tears in your tent. Always clear the ground before pitching your tent.
  • Pitch your tent in a sheltered area like trees. These will prevent your tent from direct winds.
  • Always carry a quick tent repair kit with you on a camping trip. This will enable you to fix your tent on sudden wear and tear quickly.


A wise camper always checks the condition of its tent. Ignoring small or large rips can further damage your tent. You have to follow and apply the above guide for fixing your tent. We hope you found the solution to your issue. If you have any queries or thoughts to share, then you can comment below. Let us know if you have any other tent fixing methods.

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