Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Are you looking for a summer family camping tent? Are you confused about the Core 6-person instant cabin family tent? Your search ends here because we have a detailed, unbiased review of the Core 6 person instant setup cabin tent below. By the end, you will be very clear that is this tent good for you?

When selecting a tent for family camping, you have to make sure that the tent will perfectly fulfill your requirements. Several factors are essential to consider when investing in a family camping tent. Below, we have briefly reviewed this tent while considering these factors. So, let’s begin with the main highlighting features of the Core 6-person instant cabin tent.

Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Features

Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Image

  • Core H20 block technology
  • 99 sq. ft. of floor area
  • 72 inches of peak height
  • Telescopic vertical poles
  • Adjustable ground vent
  • Freestanding structure
  • Lantern hook
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Easy setup
  • Water repellent fabrics
  • Huge wall organizer
  • Excellent ventilation

  • Total of four windows

  • D-shaped door

  • Bathtub-style construction floor

  • Electric cable port

  • Proper air circulation

  • Quick one-minute setup

  • Absence of porch or vestibule

  • Not suitable in extreme weather conditions

Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Below, we have a detailed practical review of the Core 6 person instant cabin tent. We have reviewed this tent based on several factors, including packed size, packed weight, tent setup mechanism, the tent’s structure, air circulation, seasonality, additional features, warranty, and price.

1. Packed Size and Weight

For any camping trip, it is essential to consider the packed size and weight of the tent. The size must be compact, and the weight must be appropriate for easy transportation to the camping ground. The length x depth packed size of Core 6person instant cabin tent measure as 48 in x 8.5 in, or we can say 122 cm x 22 cm.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that it will consume some space inside your car. If your car is fully packed with camping enthusiasts, you can transport this tent to the camping site on the roof of the car.

In the packed conditions, this cabin-style tent’s weight is around 22.8 pounds, i.e., 10.34 kilograms. A car will easily carry this tent because it will be complicated to carry it from the car to the actual camping site. Therefore, you have to make sure that the car can quickly go to the camping site.

2. Tent Setup Mechanism

The Core 6 person cabin tent with a wall organizer comes with an instant setup mechanism. You can also read the ‘instant’ term used in the title of the tent. Even those who are quite irritated and tired of their previous tent setup mechanism include poles that you have to pass through sleeves and attach to the proper grommet.

This Core instant set up 6 person tent comes with four vertical poles and four roof poles. The vertical poles are telescopic, and roof poles emerge at the center of the ceiling.

The pole frame is pre-attached to the tent. To pitch this tent, you have to unfold the tent then extend its telescopic poles until you hear a click sound, which means they are fully extended. The setup of this Core tent is like opening an umbrella. As per our team experience, it will take less than one minute to pitch this tent. This instant setup mechanism is also available in other variants of this tent and several other family camping tent models from the Core brand.

This instant setup mechanism is very comfortable that you don’t need to waste most of your valuable time just pitching the tent instead of spending quality time with your loving ones.

If you find that it will rain anytime, then the fly setup is also effortless. The fly comes with its straps that allow you to connect to the four vertical telescopic poles. This tent also includes stakes and guylines. These will also help you to set up the fly over the ceiling.

3. Structure of the Tent

When you complete the tent setup, the Core six-person instant cabin tent stands as a freestanding structure. It is so advantageous that you can pitch this tent on uneven or hard surfaces. You can set up this tent then pick or rotate the tent direction whenever required. It is not mandatory to stake this tent on the ground every time.

But, it is recommended to use the stakes and guylines whenever possible. This will make this tent more stable and taut against harsh winds and other weather elements. Moreover, to set up the rainfly in rainy conditions, you will need to stake it down.

Structure-wise, this is a single-room tent. Its cabin-style structure features straight walls that give it a box-like design. The front side of the tent features a single D-shaped door. This door also has a window available on it. There are separate three windows also available on the walls of the tent. This structure of the tent makes it a liveable option for camping with the family.

The measured peak height of the Core six-person instant cabin tent is 72 inches, or we can say around 1.83 meters. This is a cabin structure that means the tent’s size at the sides is the same as at the center. Campers can freely sit and move inside the tent without bending neck or back. It is relatively better than a dome-style structure tent where the tent height decreases as you move from the tent’s center to the sides.

4. Person Accommodation

core 6 person tent

The Core instant cabin tent with wall organizer has floor dimensions as 11 ft x 9 ft i. e. 3.35 m x 2.74 m. Therefore, this tent offers 99 sq. ft. We can say 9.2 sq. m. of floor area. The declared person capacity of this tent is around six people.

The company has declared the person capacity of this tent based on the backpacking principle. You can fit up to six sleeping bags on the floor, which means each person will get 16.5 sq. ft. i.e., 1.53 sq. m. of floor area.

Let’s think practically when you are camping with your family or friends, and the group will have bags, essentials, camping gear, and other supplies. This stuff will consume some space inside the tent. This tent also doesn’t feature any external storage options like a porch or vestibule area.

We can say that this tent will be best for up to four people for a comfortable camping experience. For family camping, it will better for parents with up to two kids. The peak height of this tent is 72 Inches, and this is a cabin-style structure. You can insert bunk cots for kids to save some space inside the tent.

The tent floor is spacious enough to fit up to two queen-size air-beds. These will consume lots of floor space, and no space will be left to walk inside. It will be a better option to fit a queen-size air-bed along with a bunk cot for family camping. Still, if you and your friends are on a music festival night, then it can easily sleep up to six people. You can also keep some quantity of your stuff in the car to save space inside the tent. Coleman also has 6 person instant cabin tent, read here.

5. Air Circulation

The Core 6 person instant setup cabin family camping tent is very liveable. It is an unbeatable option in terms of proper air circulation throughout the tent. This tent features three good-sized windows on the tent walls, and a separate window is also available on the door. All windows are double-layer structure.

These windows have mesh plus zippered panels. The mesh panels will allow you to keep open the windows without worrying about any blood-sucking mosquitoes, bugs, and other outside elements. These windows will also allow the natural light to enter the tent.

There are flaps available covering the zippers on all windows and the door as well. Apart from that, the entire ceiling of this tent is mesh. An adjustable ground vent is also available on the ground floor. Therefore, cool and fresh air will enter the tent through the air vent and windows.

The hot, warm air will rise and leave the tent from the mesh ceiling. This automatic flow will maintain proper air circulation throughout the tent. These openings will prevent campers from the sophistication, and you will not be going to face any condensation build-up issues on the tent wall.

The mesh ceiling will also let you enjoy stargazing at night. You can sleep under the stars with kids without leaving the tent. There is a tent model available from the Coleman brand in the market – the Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent. When you compare both the tents, you will find that the Coleman tent doesn’t come with a mesh ceiling. Therefore, you get the added advantage of having the Core six-person instant cabin tent.

6. Seasonality

The Core six-person instant cabin tent is a three-season tent. It will perform very well in summer camping with the family. The company has described anything about this tent’s waterproof ratings, but they have declared about the Core H20 block technology.

This includes water repellant fabrics. This ensures the water beads up and rolls right off quickly. The entire seams of the tent are all sealed. Therefore, this tent will keep you and your stuff dry in light rainy conditions.

The tent floor is also a bathtub style construction. This will prevent any groundwater from getting entered inside the tent. The Core six-person instant cabin family camping tent also comes with a partial-coverage fly. This fly covers the entire mesh ceiling. Pitching this fly is also easy and time saving with its straps and using guylines. However, this is not a full-coverage rainfly. It doesn’t cover the tent from the top to the ground.

In heavy rainy conditions, it will not resist the rainwater to enter inside the tent through the mesh windows. In that case, closing the windows, door, and ground vent will disrupt the air circulation.

Therefore, this tent is best in mild weather conditions, and it is highly recommended not to use this tent in a heavy downpour. In cold weather conditions, this tent will not perform very well to hold the tent’s warmth due to several openings available. Hence, you cannot use this tent in a colder environment.

7. Additional Features

The Core six-person instant cabin tent comes with lots of additional beneficial features. There is an electric cable port available on the tent wall. This will let you access the electric cord access inside the tent and use electrical gadgets inside the tent-like laptops. A gear loft is also available in the center of the ceiling. This allows you to keep your small belongings safe.

A huge wall organizer is also available to safely keep your stuff. You can also use the wall organizer to store your tablet and watch movies. This wall organizer is very big. A lantern hook is also available under the gear loft.

This will help you to have proper lighting inside the tents. These additional features are beneficial facilities inside the Core 6-person instant cabin family camping tent. If you plan for family camping for the first time, you have to be perfectly prepared. You can also check our detailed guide on how to plan a family camping trip.

8. Warranty and Price

Warranty is an essential factor that you must consider while investing in a tent or any other product. A reasonable warranty period will keep you free of worries if anything goes wrong. You must select a tent with at least a one-year warranty period. Luckily, the Core six-person instant cabin tent comes with a one-year limited warranty period. Therefore, this tent offers you a reasonable warranty period to stay worries-free.

As per the above discussion to this point, the Core 6-person instant cabin tent stands as a complete package for summer family camping. This tent comes with all the required features to spend quality time with your family and make an unforgettable camping experience. Price-wise, this tent is among reasonably priced tents. You can also read thousands of positive reviews available on the internet. Also, check out about Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent Review.


We are sure that you are pretty much clear about the Core 6-person instant cabin tent at this point. This tent is a good option in summer and mild weather camping. It comes with an instant setup mechanism such that you can pitch this tent in less than a minute.

This is a very liveable tent that offers you good ventilation. All features are packed in this tent at a very reasonable price. Any doubts in mind? You can comment below. Keep reading for more unbiased best tent reviews.

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