Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review (Best Family Camping Tent)

In search of a large family tent for camping in summers? Need a durable and liveable family tent? Are you confused about whether the Core 12 person instant cabin tent is right for you? This article is completely dedicated to you. Below, we have a complete and unbiased review of the Core 12-person instant setup cabin family tent.

We all become serious when it comes to selecting the best comfortable product for our family. In the same way, you have to be confident about your selected tent for family camping. You don’t need to worry at all. By the end, you will be going to have a complete idea of whether the Core twelve-person instant setup tent is an excellent large family camping tent?

Features of The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Image

  • Fully freestanding structure
  • Two adjustable air-intake vents
  • 180 sq. ft. of floor area
  • 80 inches of peak height
  • Steel telescopic poles
  • Three-season tent
  • Two minutes quick setup
  • Gear loft
  • Three rooms
  • Two doors
  • Mesh and waterproof polyester panels on windows
  • Core H20 block technology
  • One-year limited warranty

  • Four hanging storage pockets

  • Pre-attached frame to the tent

  • Easy setup

  • Polyethylene floor

  • 68D polyester fabric

  • 600 mm waterproof ratings

  • Gear loft

  • E-cable port

  • Heavy-weight

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Below, we have a detailed and unbiased practical review of the Core 12-person instant cabin tent. We have reviewed this tent based on several inevitable factors, including the tent setup mechanism, tent design, and person capacity, three rooms, and privacy, the material used, air circulation, seasonality, additional features, packed size and packed weight.

1. Tent Setup Mechanism

When we think of a large family camping tent, people worry about the tent setup. Most of the huge family camping tents available out there are not easy to set up and consume lots of valuable time. Luckily, the Core twelve-person cabin tent comes with an instant setup mechanism.

You don’t need to get surprised if we say that pitching this huge family camping tent takes around two minutes only. Yes! It is completely true practically. As per our experience, two people can pitch this large tent in just two minutes. Even if you get experienced with this instant setup, you will pitch even more speedily.

This tent includes eight vertical poles and roof poles that converge at the center of the ceiling. These vertical poles are telescopic, and the pole frame is pre-attached to the tent. You have to unfold the tent then extend its telescopic poles until you hear a click sound. All poles are steel construction. It is among the best material used in the poles in terms of durability and stability.

Pitching this tent is similar to opening an umbrella. The pole frame structure is like a big giant spider with telescopic legs. This setup is so advantageous that you don’t need to waste your valuable time just pitching the tent. You can save this time to enjoy quality moments with your family doing other outdoor activities.

2. Tent Design and Person Capacity

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent capacity

When you complete the tent set up, its design looks attention approaching and eye-catching. This tent gives you an elegant and modern feel in its light gray color. It is a fully freestanding structure that means you can pitch this tent on uneven or hard surfaces. You can set up this tent then pick or rotate the tent direction whenever required.

It is not mandatory to stake this tent on the ground every time. But, it is recommended to use the stakes and guylines whenever possible. This will make this vast tent more stable and taut against harsh winds and other weather elements.

To set up the fly, you will need to clip it properly to the eight vertical poles and stake it down properly to the ground. This fly is minimalistic in design. The advantage of this partial coverage fly is that it will not disrupt the views from the windows. There is a massive double door available on the front side.

This door comes with an inverted T-shaped zipper. A D-shaped door is also available opposite the front door. Both doors have their windows, plus seven separate windows are available on all sides of the tent. The ceiling of the tent is all mesh. If you practically analyze the tent design, it will be a better option for summer camping with the family.

The tent floor dimensions measure 18 ft x 10 ft, i.e., 5.49 m x 3.05 m, and you get 180 sq. ft. or we can say 16.7 sq. m. of total floor area. The declared person capacity of this tent is around twelve people. The company has declared the person capacity of this tent based on the backpacking principle. You can fit up to twelve sleeping bags on the floor, which means each person will get 15 sq. ft. i.e., 1.39 sq. m. of floor area.

Let’s think practically when you are camping with your family or friends, and the group will have bags, essentials, camping gear, and other supplies. This stuff will consume some space inside the tent. This tent also doesn’t feature any external storage options like a porch or vestibule area.

We can say that this tent will be best for up to eight people for a comfortable camping experience. For family camping, it will better for parents with up to six kids. The peak height of this tent is 80 Inches, and this is a cabin-style structure. You can insert bunk cots for kids to save some space inside the tent.

3. Three Rooms and Privacy

core cabin tent inside view

The Core twelve-person instant setup cabin family tent comes with two removable room dividers. These dividers can be rolled out to the sides whenever required. These two-room dividers separate this 18 feet x 10 feet huge spacious tent into three different rooms.

You get two side rooms and a central room. This setup is very beneficial for privacy when two families are camping together or two groups of different genders camping together. You can also close the zipper panels of the windows to enhance more privacy.

Each room is spacious enough to accommodate a queen-size air-bed. Therefore, you can insert a total of three queen-size air-beds inside the tent. If there is a large single-family with kids camping together, then you can insert bunk cots for kids to save some space inside the tent.

If you and your friends are on a music festival night, it can easily sleep up to twelve people. You can also keep some quantity of your stuff in the car to save space inside the tent.

4. Material Used

Good quality materials are used in the Core twelve-person instant cabin tent. The tent fabric is 68D polyester and comes with a 600 mm waterproof ratings. The fly fabric is also 68D polyester and comes with a 600 mm waterproof coating. This is enough waterproof ratings to keep you and your stuff dry in light rainy conditions.

Typically, the waterproof ratings of an umbrella range between 400 mm to 500 mm. Hence, you get a clear idea about the waterproofness of the fly and tent fabric.

The tent floor is standard polyethylene (PE) 115 g/m construction. Therefore, it is an exceptionally durable material. The floor stays in direct contact between the ground and your stuff. The material used in the floor construction plays a significant role in the overall performance.

Apart from that, all poles are steel construction. It is among the best material used in the poles in terms of durability and stability. This steel pole frame will keep this vast family tent stable and taut against several weather conditions. The tent fabric is flame-resistant, and it meets CPAI-84 specifications.

5. Air Circulation

The Core twelve-person instant setup tent is a very liveable family camping tent. It is an unbeatable option in terms of proper air circulation throughout the tent. This tent features seven large windows on the tent walls, and two separate windows are also available on the two doors. All windows are double-layer structure.

These windows have mesh plus zippered panels. The mesh panels will allow you to keep open the windows without worrying about any blood-sucking mosquitoes, bugs, and other outside elements. These windows will also allow natural light to enter the tent.

Apart from that, the entire ceiling of this tent is mesh. Two adjustable ground air-intake vents are also available near the floor. Therefore, cool and fresh air will enter the tent through the air vent and windows. The hot, warm air will rise and leave the tent from the mesh ceiling.

This automatic flow will maintain proper air circulation throughout the tent. These openings will prevent campers from the sophistication, and you will not be going to face any condensation build-up issues on the tent wall. The mesh ceiling will also let you enjoy stargazing at night. You can sleep under the stars with kids without leaving the tent.

6. Seasonality

The Core twelve-person instant cabin family camping tent is a three-season tent. This tent comes with Core H20 block technology. It includes water-repellant fabrics along with all sealed seams and active bead technology. The water repellent fabrics and sealed seams quickly let the water run-off.

The fly is minimal in the design such that it only covers the mesh ceiling. But, you don’t need to worry about the tent walls, door, and windows. All seams are sealed, and there are waterproof polyester panels available on all the windows.

No rainwater will be able to get entry into the tent through the windows. The tent floor is polythene and completely waterproof. However, closing the windows, door, and ground vent will disrupt the air circulation in heavy rainy situations. This tent has a partial coverage rainfly, and it doesn’t cover the tent to the ground properly.

Therefore, this tent is best in mild weather conditions, and it is highly recommended not to use this tent in a heavy downpour. In cold weather conditions, this tent will not perform very well to hold the tent’s warmth due to several openings available. Hence, you cannot use this tent in a colder environment. It is the best option for summer family camping.

7. Additional Features

The Core twelve-person instant cabin tent is packed with several additional features. There is an electric cable port available on the tent wall. This will let you access the electric cord access inside the tent and use electrical gadgets inside the tent-like laptops. A gear loft is also available in the center of the ceiling. This allows you to keep your small belongings safe.

There are four hanging storage pockets available inside the tent. These will let you safely keep your essentials like smartphones, keys, gadgets, torchlights, etc. A lantern hook is also available under the gear loft. This will help you to have proper lighting inside the tents. These additional features are beneficial facilities inside the Core twelve-person instant cabin tent for family camping.

8. Packed Size and Weight

The length x depth packed size of the Core 12-person family camping instant setup cabin tent is 51 inches x 12 inches, or we can say 130 cm x 30 cm. The packed weight of this tent is around 52.55 pounds, i.e., 23.84 kilograms. This packed size and weight are self-explanatory because of its huge size. It features 68D polyester fabric with H20 block technology and steel poles.

Therefore, this tent is the best option for family car camping. It will be easy to transport this tent to the camping ground in a car. Also, make sure that the car is accessible at the actual camping site not to face issues while carrying this tent from the car to the site. You can check out the core 6 person tent and core 9 person tent review.


From the above-detailed discussion to this point, we can say that the Core 12-person instant setup cabin tent is an excellent family camping tent. It comes with all the required features and functions you wish to have in a summer camping tent.

Despite its great features and well-engineered design, this cabin tent is available to buy at a very reasonable price. Any questions or doubts for us? You can comment below. Keep reading our guides on detailed, unbiased reviews of best-camping tents.

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