Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

There are several gears important for a successful family camping trip. A perfect tent is one of them. When planning a camping trip with loving ones, we have to be careful about the tent’s comforts. That’s why below, we have a detailed and unbiased review of the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent. Those who are confused about whether this tent is good for them? You will get the right answer by the end.

Coleman is a very popular brand known for its heavy-duty and liveable family camping tents. The Coleman Weathermaster ten-person hinged door tent is a popular option in its tent line-up. You need to invest your next ten minutes in reading this unbiased review, and you will be going to have a clear concept about this tent.

Features of The Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Hinged Door Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

  • 140 sq. ft. of total floor area
  • Patented hinged door
  • Total of six windows
  • Tunnel-cabin hybrid structure
  • Two rooms
  • 80 inches of peak height
  • Protected side windows
  • Heavy-duty steel poles
  • Patented pin-and-ring system
  • 75 D taffeta polyester fabric
  • Coleman’s WeatherTec system
  • 1000D polyethylene floor
  • Two season camping tent

  • 450 mm PU coating

  • Inverted seams

  • Welded corners

  • Bathtub style floor construction

  • Interior gear pockets

  • 20 minutes easy setup

  • It includes an expandable carry bag

  • Not suitable in the heavy downpour

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

Below, we have a complete detailed, and unbiased, practical review of the Coleman Weathermaster ten-person hinged door tent. We have reviewed this tent based on several important factors. These factors are tent setup mechanism, tent design, person accommodation, privacy, two rooms, hinged door, air circulation, the material used, seasonality, packed size, packed weight, and additional features.

1. Tent Setup Mechanism

The tent setup mechanism is among the very first important factor to consider. The tent setup must be as easy and quickly such that you can save your valuable time. This time can be used to have quality time with your family and friends.

As per our team experience, one person can easily pitch this tent in just twenty minutes. All of the tent poles are heavy-duty steel construction. This tent features a snag-free continuous pole system along with the patented pin-and-ring system.

The insta-clip suspension allows you to secure your tent to the poles. The two brow poles above the frame of the hinged door and the windows are fiberglass construction. When planning for a camping trip with your family, you will need a tent that can be pitch quickly.

Maybe kids and your pet dog have joined you on the camping trip. They need individual attention because they are not in their comfort zone. Hence, it becomes obvious not to waste half of the day just installing the tent.

2. Tent Design and Person Accommodation

Coleman weathermaster tent

When you complete the tent setup, you get a stylish and modern looking huge family camping tent. The design of this tent is eye-catching, and we are sure that you will love it. The Coleman Weathermaster ten-person hinged door tent is a hybrid structure.

Its straight poles give it a cabin tent look, while the three loops give it a tunnel shape. Therefore, you get a hybrid cabin-tunnel-like tent structure.

This tent has two doors on both opposite sides. Both doors also have their windows. There are another two windows available on the but opposite sides of the tent. Apart from that, two sides protected windows are also available here.

The entire ceiling of this tent has meshed, and there is a partial coverage fly available with the tent. The advantage of partial coverage fly is that it doesn’t disrupt the windows’ views as it only covers the mesh ceiling.

The measured peak height of this tent is around 80 inches, or we can say 203 centimeters. This tent has straight poles that create steep walls. The tent floor dimensions measure 17 feet x 9 feet, or we can say 518 cm x 274 cm. Overall, you get a 140 sq. ft. i.e. 13 sq. m. of total floor area.

The declared person capacity of this tent is around ten people. The company has used the backpacking principle while describing the person’s accommodation. The floor is spacious enough to fit ten sleeping pads or three queen size air-beds.

Now, you have to think practically here. When camping with family or friends, the group will have bags, essentials, camping gear, and other supplies. This stuff will consume some space inside the tent. This tent also doesn’t feature any external storage options like a porch or vestibule area.

We can say that this tent will be best for up to six people for a comfortable camping experience. For family camping, it will better for parents with up to four kids. The peak height of this tent is 80 Inches, and this is a cabin-style structure. You can insert bunk cots for kids to save some space inside the tent.

3. Privacy and Two Rooms

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent comes with a removable room-divider. This room-divider allows separating the spacious 17 feet x 9 feet tent into two separate rooms. This becomes very beneficial in terms of privacy if two couples are camping together.

All windows have zippered panels, and they can be closed to enhance privacy. You can also insert one queen size air-bed in each room, and still, you will have some space left inside the tent.

If a family of parents with up to two kids are camping together, then one room can be used as a living room and another room as a sleeping room. As we already said, you can insert bunk camping cots to save lots of space. There is no external storage option available like a vestibule. So, camping bags and essentials will consume some space inside the tent.

4. Hinged Door

hinged door tent coleman

The Coleman tent comes with a total of two doors. Having more than one door in a large family camping tent is very beneficial. When nature calls, a person can easily wake-up and get outside of the tent without disturbing others. The Coleman Weathermaster tent has a patented hinged door.

This is a framed door with fiberglass poles to get inside and outside of the tent easily. The other door of the tent is without a frame and has a slightly different shape. The hinged door is among the unique features that you will barely find in any camping tent.

5. Air Circulation

The Coleman Weathermaster tent is a very liveable family tent and ensures proper air circulation throughout the tent. This tent has two windows on both doors. Two separate windows are also present on opposite sides of the tent. Apart from that, there are two protected side windows.

All of the windows are with mesh and zippered panels. You can close the window anytime to enhance privacy. The mesh panel will maintain the proper airflow throughout the tent while keeping the blood-sucking mosquitoes, bugs, and other elements outside.

When it is raining outside, you do not need to close the side windows because two brow poles above the window protect them. This tent also features a Vari-Flo adjustable ventilation system. This allows you to customize cooling comfort.

The reverse-angled windows ensure the entry of light and air but no rainwater. Apart from that, the entire ceiling of this tent is mesh. Therefore, cool and fresh air will enter the tent through the windows. The hot, warm air will rise and leave the tent from the mesh ceiling.

This automatic flow will maintain proper air circulation throughout the tent. These openings will prevent campers from the sophistication, and you will not be going to face any condensation build-up issues on the tent wall. The mesh ceiling will also let you enjoy stargazing at night. You can sleep under the stars with kids without leaving the tent.

6. Material Used

The tent wall fabric is taffeta 75 D polyester and comes with a 450 mm waterproof coating. The fly fabric is also taffeta 75 D polyester and comes with a 450 mm waterproof coating. This waterproof rating is the lowest as compared to any camping tent.

Typically, an umbrella comes with a 400 mm to 500 mm waterproof coating. So, this tent will keep you dry in light rainy situations, but we highly recommend not to use this tent in a heavy downpour.

The tent floor fabric is 1000D polyethylene, and it is a very durable sort of plastic material. It will perfectly keep the groundwater outside the tent. The vertical tent poles and loop tent poles are also heavy-duty steel construction. The brow poles above the windows and the frame of the hinged door are fiberglass construction.

7. Seasonality

The Coleman 10 person tent is a true two-season tent. This tent stands as a good summer camping tent. It has a total of six windows available. These windows are with mesh and zippered panels. In which two windows are side protected windows.

You can keep them open when it is raining outside. So, there will be no issues with proper air circulation in hot summers. The company has featured Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system in this tent.

This technology includes welded corners, and all seams are sealed. Still, if you look at the tent wall’s waterproof ratings and fabric, the Coleman Weathermaster hinged door tent is not suitable for a heavy downpour. This two-season tent is suitable in summers, early autumn, and late spring. The steep straight walls of the tent will stand as an obstacle against winds. So, it is recommended to skip the tent in harsh winds and extreme weather conditions.

8. Packed Size and Weight

The tent measure’s packed size is 30.3 in x 10.2 in x 10.2 in, or we can say 77 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm. The packed weight of this tent is around 31 pounds, i.e., 14.1 kilograms. The main reason behind the heavy-weight of the tent is steel poles. Therefore, it will be better to transport this tent in the car if your car is fully packed with campers, then it will be a better option to carry this tent on the roof of your car.

Also, make sure that the car is accessible at the camping site to don’t need to bring the tent from the car to the actual camping site on your own. We can say that the Coleman Weathermaster tent stands as the best family car camping option.

9. Additional Features

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person family camping tent also includes several additional features. These features increase the usability of the tent for a perfect comfortable camping experience. This tent includes several interior mesh pockets. These pockets will let you store your small belongings like your smartphone, a torchlight, your keys, a lighter, etc.

Apart from that, this tent also features an electric access port. This port allows you to get electricity inside the tent and use gadgets like a laptop. There is a vented cool air-port also available. The company has given a one-year limited warranty on the Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person family camping tent with a hinged door.

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The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent with a hinged door stands as a perfect camping tent in summers. It is very true as per the above-unbiased review. It takes just twenty minutes to pitch this tent, and it also ensures proper ventilation throughout the tent.

The fabric material and pole material used is high-quality and durable. Any questions for us? The entire comments section is available for you. Our team will try its best to resolve your queries. Have a nice day.

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