Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent Review

Are you looking for a perfect summer family camping tent? Are you confused about the Coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin style tent? You don’t need to worry because this guide is a complete detailed and unbiased review of the Coleman prairie breeze cabin tent. This tent also features an integrated fan and LED light system, which is CPX 6 compatible. It also has a mesh ceiling and large six mesh windows for proper airflow throughout the tent.

Below, we will be going to discuss this tent based on each essential factor including the tent setup time, tent structure, integrated fan and LED lighting, person capacity, ventilation, weather resistance, packed weight, and packed size. By the end, you will have a clear decision that is this tent is right for you? Let’s begin with the main highlighted features of the Coleman prairie breeze cabin-style tent.

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent Features

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent Review

  • LED lighting system
  • Two rooms
  • Integrated CPX 6 compatible fan
  • 7 ft peak height
  • Freestanding tent
  • 140 sq. ft. of floor area
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Bathtub style floor
  • Waterproof fly
  • Partial-coverage rainfly
  • Coleman’s WeatherTec system
  • Six windows

  • Reasonable price

  • One-year limited warranty

  • Mesh ceiling

  • Cabin style tent

  • Very liveable tent

  • Easy setup

  • Inverted seams

  • No vestibules

  • Single door

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent Review

1. Tent Setup

Coleman Prairie Breeze

The Coleman prairie breeze 9 person cabin-style tent offers the easiest and quickest setup. This tent comes with a total of twelve poles. The six roof poles are fibreglass. The vertical poles are powder-coated steel. The vertical poles get connected to the roof poles.

Another advantage is that these poles are colour-coded. Hence, this tent pole design makes tent setup quick and hassle-free. Based on our experience, the tent setup of the Coleman prairie breeze cabin tent takes around fifteen to twenty minutes.

It is still recommended to practice the tent set up at least once at home before heading to the camping ground. Moreover, no one likes to waste half of the day just pitching the tent. Maybe you have kids or a pet dog around you. They need some extra attention. Overall, we can say that the tent setup of the Coleman prairie breeze nine-person cabin-style tent is relatively easy and time-saving.

2. Structure of the Tent

Once, you complete the tent set up; you will find that it is a massive tent with large and steep walls. It looks cool and eye-catching in the grey and black colour finish. This is a cabin-style tent with 7 ft, or we can say 84 inches of centre height. Unlike dome-style tents, its size does not decrease as you move from the centre to the sides. You can freely move and walk inside without bending your neck or the back.

It has a single door at the front side and a total of five windows on the tent walls. The tent door also includes a window positioned in the upper section. This is a freestanding structure tent. This means you don’t need to stake this tent to the ground every time. You can even pitch this tent on hard surfaces. Still, it is recommended to ultimately stake down the tent whenever possible because it increases the stability of your tent and makes it taut against the wind.

The Coleman prairie breeze nine-person tent has a minimal fly that only covers the ceiling. This design is good because the views from the windows will not be going to get obstructed. If you are looking for a tent with extended awnings, then you can check our detailed review of the Coleman Evanston 8 person dome style tent with a hinged door.

When you remove the rainfly, you get a mesh ceiling. This is an additional advantage for family camping in summers such that it maintains proper air circulation. Hence, the Coleman prairie breeze 9-person tent offers you the ideal structure and design required for family camping.

3. Integrated Fan and LED lighting

The main highlight and unique feature of the Coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin-style tent is an integrated fan and LED lighting system. This system can operate on one CPX 6 cartridge or 4D batteries. The fan can run on two-speed settings and in two directions with the air down or up. If you are using both LED light and fan simultaneously then you will get 75 lumens and 27-hour runtime on low and 75 lumens and 20-hour runtime on high.

If you are using the fan alone, then you get 34-hour runtime on low and 26-hour runtime on high. Suppose you prefer to use the LED light only then 75 lumens on high with 195-hour runtime. For added convenience, a switch on the tent wall is provided that makes using this integrated system relatively easy.

Therefore, these additional features will make your camping experience very convenient. You have a fan system with good runtime that will help in hot summers. The LED light system will light-up your tent in the darkness. There is no need for any fancy lantern at all. While using these features, we loved it.

4. Person Capacity

From its title, it is obvious that this tent can sleep up to 9 people. Kindly note that most of the manufacturers usually decide the person’s capacity for a tent by putting sleeping bags on the floor. If nine sleeping bags can fit easily inside the tent, that means, this tent is a nine-person tent.

Practically maybe the numbers can differ. So, let’s find out how much a person can sleep inside the tent comfortably. On setup completion, the dimensions of the Coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin-style tent measure as 14 ft x 10 ft. Therefore, you get 140 sq. ft. or we can say 13.02 sq. m. of the floor area. The declared person capacity of the tent is nine people. Therefore, you get around 15.6 sq. ft. i.e. 1.44 sq. m. of area per person.

On Coleman’s website, they have written that it is the best fit for seven people. But, don’t forget that when you are on a camping trip with your family or friends, then your group will have bags, camping gear, accessories, and essentials.

This stuff will be going to consume some space inside. Also, there is no storage vestibule, closet, or additional storage space available in the tent. Also, ensure that if there is any bad sleeper in your group that needs some extra space for arms and legs.

That’s why, for a comfortable camping experience, this tent is the best fit for up to six people. The Coleman prairie breeze 9P cabin-style tent also comes with a nylon divider. This room divider is attached using four tabs on the ceiling and three tabs on each of the walls. This room divider separates a large 140 sq. ft. spacious room into two 70 sq. ft. rooms.

If you are a few people, then you can also use the first room as a sleeping room and the second as a living room. Moreover, if there is a group of people of different genders is camping together can use the room divider for privacy. Families can use one place for parents and one room for kids. This is a tall tent with 7 ft height. Therefore, you can also remove the room divider and insert bunk cots to save some space.

5. The Ventilation

The Coleman prairie breeze 9-person tent with integrated fan and lights performs very well in terms of ventilation. This tent has a total of five windows on all sides of the windows. Another window is located on the upper section of the front door. These windows are large, and they come with mesh panels.

So, you do not need to worry about blood-sucking mosquitoes and irritating flies. Apart from the airflow, these windows also let the natural light get inside the tent. The Coleman prairie breeze 9-person tent also has a minimalistic fly. Therefore, the views from the windows will not be going to obstruct.

This tent from Coleman also has a mesh ceiling. If the weather is clear, then you can remove the rainfly and enjoy views through the mesh ceiling. This mesh ceiling will let the hot air leave the tent and get cold air inside through the windows. Hence, no need to worry about proper air circulation.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy stargazing at night through the mesh ceiling. These openings will also let the natural light get inside the tent. Moreover, there will be no issues of condensation build-up on the tent walls.

6. Weather Resistance

The Coleman prairie breeze nine-person cabin style tent with integrated fan and LED light also performs very well in terms of weather resistance. Even, this factor is the most important because you will never like to wake up at midnight in the leaking tent.

This tent is equipped with Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system. This is a unique structure from the company that features excellent features to make the tent sturdy and rigid against several weather conditions.

The Coleman prairie breeze 9 people tent comes with a patented welded floor design and inverted seams. These ensure that no groundwater will get inside of your tent. The floor construction of this tent is a bathtub style that means no rainwater from the ground will leak inside the tent. As we already said that it has a minimalistic coverage fly. This fly is waterproof and will keep you and your stuff dry in the tent. The doors and windows also have waterproof panels.

This tent has a strong frame structure, and it is also a freestanding tent. Therefore,  it is not mandatory to stake down this tent to the ground. But it is still recommended because it will not only make your tent taut against the wind but also improve its stability. If you are in search of a tent that can withstand in all seasons, then a canvas fabric tent will be a good option for you. You can check out the list of the best 6 person family tents here.

7. Packed Weight and Size

The packed dimensions of the tent measure as 40 in x 14.5 in x 8.5 in or we can say 103 cm x 37 cm x 22 cm (length x width x height). The packed weight of the Coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin-style tent is around 37.6 pounds, or we can say 17.06 kg. Considering the huge size, poles, fabric materials, and space of the tent, it is obvious to heavy and bulky for this tent.

You can also carry this tent on a two-wheeler. But, it is best for a car camping trip because you can easily place it inside the car. If the car is full of other stuff and campers, then place it over the roof of the car. In case if the camping ground is far away from the parked car, then you can divide the weight and enjoy your trip.


Above, we have the in-depth detailed review of the Coleman prairie breeze cabin-style 9 person tent. This tent stands as an unbeatable option for summer family camping. It also comes with an integrated fan and LED light system. This tent comes with Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system along with bathtub style floor construction and six large windows with mesh panels for excellent ventilation.

Overall, it is a good investment option for three-season camping. You can also share your valuable thoughts with us in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on best tent reviews and camping tips.

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