Coleman Evanston 8 Person Dome Tent Review (Is it Worth to Buy?)

You have responsibilities when you are planning a family camping trip. The first and foremost requirement is a durable and best performing camping tent. The Coleman Evanston dome-style 8 person tent is the best family camping option to invest in. Below, we will be going to discuss this tent based on each important factor including the tent setup time, tent structure, hinged door, awnings, person capacity, ventilation, weather resistance, packed weight, size, and more. By the end, you will have a clear decision that is this tent is right for you? Let’s begin with the main highlighted features of the Coleman Evanston dome-style 8P tent.

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Dome Tent Features

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Dome Tent

  • 144 sq. ft. of floor area
  • Coleman’s WeatherTec system
  • Polyester taffeta fabric
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Waterproof
  • E-port available
  • 76 inches peak height
  • Expendable carry bag
  • 15 minutes easy setup
  • Hinged door
  • Available at a very good price

  • Two awnings

  • Double-layer structure

  • Excellent ventilation

  • Good packed size

  • Mesh windows

  • Several storage pockets

  • Easy setup

  • Non-freestanding

  • No vestibules

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Dome Tent Review

1. Tent Setup

The Coleman tent is a perfect tent for camping with family and friends. No one likes to spend half of the day just pitching the tent. This tent provides you with the easiest and best setup configuration. The Coleman Evanston tent comes with a total of five fiberglass poles.

Three of them are for the setup of the main dome structure. This structure is quite strong because of several intersection points. The remaining two poles are used for the back and front awnings.

Moreover, this tent comes with their patented pin-and-ring system along with snag-free continuous pole sleeves to attach the poles to the tent. Based on our experience, it takes around fifteen to twenty minutes only to complete the tent setup. It is still recommended to practice the tent set up at least once at home before heading to the camping ground. Overall, we can say that the tent setup of the Coleman Evanston 8-person dome tent is quite easy and quick.

2. Structure of the Tent

When you complete the tent setup, you get a huge and good size tent that looks amazing and eye-catching. It looks eye-relaxing in the green and white color combination. It is important to note down that this is not a freestanding tent.

The reason is the front awning and the extra poles required to complete the setup. You will need to use the included guylines to stake it to the ground. This is a strong structure.

This Coleman tent is a double-layer structure tent. It has an inner tent and a waterproof rainfly. This is a partial coverage rainfly that creates two awnings in front of the openings. If you remove the fly, you will find that the inner tent has a mesh ceiling. There are a total of two large windows available with mesh panels.

The peak height of the tent is around 76 inches. This is a good stand-up height. But, kindly note that it is a dome style structure tent. The height of the tent decreases when you move from the center to the sides. The advantage of a dome style tent is its aerodynamic structure. We are quite happy to say that the Coleman Evanston dome-style 8-person tent is a good liveable tent for camping with family and friends.

3. Hinged Door

Another main highlight of the Coleman Evanston tent has the hinged door. It has a single hinged door located on the front side. The advantage of having this type of tent door is you don’t need to use the zippers on the door all the time. This hinged door has poles along the perimeter of the door.

This design makes it a semi-rigid structure. Moreover, this is a quite large tent to easily get inside and outside of the tent. It also has a window located in the upper section. This window will let you see the outside views without leaving the tent.

4. The Awnings

The awnings are the best feature that you will love a lot to have in your tent. Luckily, the Coleman Evanston dome-style tent has two awnings. The partial-coverage rainfly creates two awnings at the front and backside of the tent. The front side awning is just above the front-hinged door. This creates a well-shaded area to sit outside. Yes! You can place chairs here to enjoy nature or do some cooking as well.

Apart from that, you can also use the front awning area to keep your dirty and wet shoes when it is raining outside. This will help you to keep your inner tent area clean and comfortable for sleeping. The awning on the backside of the tent is also regarded as an extended awning. This will prevent any rainwater to enter the tent. Hence, you can still enjoy the outside views from the windows when it rains outside.

5. Person Capacity

The dimensions of the Coleman Evanston 8 person dome-style tent with a hinged door measure as 12 ft x 12 ft or we can say 3.66 m x 3.66 m. Therefore, this tent offers 144 sq. ft. of the total floor area. The declared person capacity of the Coleman Evanston tent with two awnings is eight people.

Therefore, each person will be going to get around 18 sq. ft. i.e. 1.7 sq. m. of area per person. This area is enough to accommodate eight sleeping bags. The manufacturers decide the person capacity of a tent based on how many sleeping bags can easily fit inside.

But, don’t forget that when you are on a camping trip with your family or friends then your group will have bags, camping gear, accessories, and essentials. This stuff will be going to consume some space inside. Also, there is no storage vestibule, closet, or additional storage space available in the tent. Also, ensure that if there is any bad sleeper in your group that needs some extra space for arms and legs.

That’s why, for a comfortable camping experience, this tent is the best fit for up to four to five people. If you have very few stuff with you then you can also increase the number of members. The common claims that the tent interior has enough space to accommodate two queen size beds and still you have some space left in the front of beds.

Especially, if you are planning for a family camping trip then this tent is best for parents with up to three to four kids. You can also prefer to keep some of your bags and stuff inside the car. This will be convenient if your camping site is not far from your parked car. If you want small tent, you can check out the Coleman 6 person instant tent review.

6. The Ventilation

The Coleman Evanston dome-style tent is among the best tents for camping on hot summer days because of its excellent ventilation all around the tent. The inner tent has two windows on opposite sides of the tent. One window is located on the upper section of the front hinged door. Another window is available on the backside of the tent.

Both windows are large and cons with mesh panels. These mesh panels will keep you protected from blood-sucking mosquitoes and irritating flies. Coleman 9 person tent also has similar features like this. Moreover, the partial-coverage rainfly creates two awnings above the windows. Therefore, you don’t need to close the windows if it rains outside. There will no issues with air circulation.

The partial-coverage rainfly is high on the other two sides. Therefore, you have ventilation from those sides as well. If the weather is clear then you can remove the rainfly and enjoy views through the mesh ceiling. This mesh ceiling will let the hot air leave the tent and get cool air inside through the windows. Hence, no need to worry about proper air circulation. Apart from that, you can also enjoy stargazing at night through the mesh ceiling. These openings will also let the natural light get inside the tent. Moreover, there will be no issues of condensation build-up on the tent walls.

7. Weather Resistance

The Coleman Evanston 8-person tent also performs very well in terms of weather resistance. Even, this factor is the most important because you will never like to wake up at midnight in the leaking tent. This tent is equipped with Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system. This is a unique structure from the company that features excellent features to make the tent sturdy and rigid against several weather conditions.

It comes with a patented welded floor design and inverted seams. These ensure that no groundwater will get inside of your tent. The fabric used in the tent material is 75D polyester taffeta. The floor construction of this tent is a bathtub style that means no rainwater from the ground will leak inside the tent.

As we already said that it has a partial coverage fly. This fly is waterproof and will keep you and your stuff dry in the tent. This rainfly also creates extended awnings above the windows. You don’t need to close the windows when it rains outside.

This tent has a strong frame structure. It is not a freestanding tent and it is mandatory to stake down this tent to the ground. This will not only make your tent taut against the wind but also improve its stability. If you are in search of a tent that can withstand in all seasons then a canvas fabric tent will be a good option for you.

8. Packed Weight and Size

The packed dimensions of the tent measure as 28.5 in x 10.5 in x 10 in or we can say 72 cm x 27 cm x 25 cm. This is a well-packed size tent. The weight of the Coleman Evanston tent is around 24.49 pounds or we can say 11.1 kg.

Considering the huge size, poles, fabric materials, and space of the tent, this is not too heavy or bulky at all. You can carry this tent even on a two-wheeler easily. When on a car camping trip, you can easily place it inside the car. If the car is full of other stuff and campers then simply place it over the roof of the car. In case, if the camping ground is far away from the parked car then you can divide the weight and enjoy your trip.

9. Additional Features

The Coleman Evanston 8-person dome style tent with a hinged door comes with several additional features. These add-on features perform very well in making your camping journey more enjoyable and convenient. It comes with an electric cable port. This allows you to access the power cord and get the electricity inside the tent.

Therefore, you will be able to use several electric gadgets in the tent. There are several storage pockets are available on the tent wall. These small storage spaces allow you to keep your small stuff like flashlights, smartphone, keys, lighter, matches, and other small accessories.

The Coleman Evanston tent with two awnings comes with an expandable carry bag. This allows you to easily and quickly pack your tent when you are in hurry. The company is providing a one-year limited warranty on this tent.


Above, we have the in-depth detailed review of the Coleman Evanston 8 person tent with a hinged door. This tent stands as an mn unbeatable option for summer family camping. If you need a tent for music festival nights then it will be a good investment option.

This tent comes with Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system along with bathtub style floor construction and excellent ventilation. Overall, it is a good investment option for three-season camping. You can also share your valuable thoughts with us in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on the best tent reviews and camping tips.

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