Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

The Coleman tents are very popular tents among camping enthusiasts. This is a very liveable tent for family camping. So, are you confused about whether buying the Coleman 6 person cabin style tent worth it? This guide is completely dedicated to you because below, we have featured the detailed and unbiased review of the Coleman instant cabin tent.

We have reviewed this tent based on several important factors including the tent set up, the structure of the tent, person capacity, ventilation, weather resistance, and storage options. You just need to invest you next ten minutes in reading this in-depth and unbiased review then you will have a clear concept that is it right tent for you? So, let’s begin with the main highlighted features of the Coleman 6 person instant cabin tent.

Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Features

Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Specifications

  • Three-season tent
  • Freestanding structure
  • 90 sq. ft. of floor area
  • Two vents
  • 150D polyester fabric
  • Two small mesh pockets
  • 6 ft 2 in peak height
  • Telescopic poles
  • Single-layer design
  • Built-in rainfly
  • Large windows
  • Affordable price

  • Coleman’s WeatherTec system

  • Liveable tent

  • 60 seconds easy setup

  • Inverted seams

  • One-year limited warranty

  • No vestibules

Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

1. Tent Setup

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Blue Tent Setup

The Coleman six-person cabin tent is featured with the instant tent setup mechanism. Its title also includes the ‘Instant’ term. There are four heavy-duty 16 mm corner poles and the roof poles are 12 mm. The pole structure frame is pre-attached to the tent.

A clip system is available on all four corner poles. These corner poles are telescopic. You have to extend them until you hear a click sound. This means that the telescopic poles are fully extended and locked.

As per our experience, pitching the Coleman six-person instant cabin tent takes less than a minute. You just need to unpack and unfold the tent, extend the telescopic poles until you hear a click sound and within a minute your tent will popup like an umbrella. This easiest and quickest tent setup is best for those people who don’t like to waste half of the day just pitching the tent.

Moreover, this instant 60 seconds setup is ideal for family camping because you have kids and a pet dog around you. They require separate attention at the camping site. Even disassembling and packing the tent is very easy as same as installing it.

2. Structure of the Tent

On you complete the tent setup, you get a boxy structure tent with steep walls. This is a cabin-style structure tent. The first look of the tent is eye-catching and quite impressive. The main feature to discuss here is that this is a single-layer tent. It means the fly is built-in.

There is no separate inner tent and a fly. So, you don’t need to mess up with pitching any fly poles or staking the stakes for the fly. The whole tent setup only consumes your sixty seconds. Don’t worry because the tent walls and roof are waterproof.

Another advantage is that it is a freestanding structure which means you can pitch this tent even on hard surfaces. You can move this tent-like box even after installing it. Moreover, it is not compulsory to stake down this tent to the ground.

The stakes and guylines are included in the tent package. Make sure to use them whenever possible because it increases your tent stability and makes it tauter against winds and other elements.

This is a tall tent and it has steep walls. The peak height of the tent is around 6 ft 2 in. It is not like a dome style structure tent where the height decreases when you move from the centre to the sides.

In a cabin-style tent, the height at the sides is the same as at the centre. There are huge windows around the tent. The door also has windows located in the upper section. The Coleman six-person instant cabin tent is also available in four-person size.

3. Person Capacity

The declared person capacity for the Coleman instant cabin-style tent is six people. Is it enough for six people practically? Let’s find out. The Coleman cabin instant tent dimensions are 10 ft x 9 ft or we can say 305 cm x 274 cm. The tent floor area of the tent is 90 sq. ft. i.e. 8.4 sq. m.

Therefore, you get 15 sq. ft. of area per person. This is a single room structure tent because there is no room divider available inside. Practically, you can fit two queen size air beds inside the tent but it will consume lots of space.

Don’t forget that, when you are on a family camping trip, you will also have some carry bags, accessories, and camping essentials with you. This stuff will consume some space inside the tent. This tent does not come with a vestibule or any other external storage options. Therefore, for a comfortable camping experience, this tent will best suit for parents with up to two kids.

The good thing here is that it is a tall tent with 6 ft 2 in of height. Hence, you can insert bunk cots inside for kids to save some space. Otherwise, this tent is perfectly suitable for six people when you are on a cross-country trip, a music festival night, or a summer festival. If you loved this tent and need some extra space then you can invest in its bigger size variant – the ten-person dark room size variant.

The Coleman instant cabin tent also comes with darkroom technology. This feature blocks 90% of the sunlight coming into the tent. Therefore, you get a quite dark interior inside. It is an added advantage for those who love to take an afternoon nap.

Moreover, it will also keep the inner tent temperature 10% cooler than compared to the outside. Therefore, the Coleman instant cabin six-person tent is a good option for family camping in summers.

4. The Ventilation

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Ventilation

The Coleman six-person instant cabin style tent offers good air circulation throughout the tent. There are huge windows available on all sides of the tent. The huge door also has large windows located in the upper section. The windows and door come with flaps and a zipper. These windows will keep the air circulation maintained during summers. Hence, there will no issues of condensation build-up at all.

Apart from that, there are two vents available on the roof. These also contribute to maintaining the proper airflow. However, if it rains for a longer period then you will need to close the windows and roof vents. In that case, this tent will suffer a little bit in air circulation. The fly is minimal in size and it doesn’t create any awning or vestibules.

5. Weather Resistance

The Coleman six-person instant cabin-style tent is a three-season tent. The tent poles are heavy-duty and the tent frame structure is quite sturdy and taut. The fabric used in the tent is 150D polyester. This 6p instant cabin tent comes with Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system.

This technology includes inverted seams and welding technology. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any rainwater leakage inside the tent. There will be no groundwater is permitted to enter inside the tent because of plastic welding floors.

The tent walls and roofs are waterproof. This tent has an integrated rainfly. The windows and doors also have waterproof panels. But, as we said, you will need to close the openings if it rains outside.

You can also invest in a separate rainfly to increase its efficiency in weather resistance. Still, it is not recommended to use this tent in heavy rainfall. If you are looking for an all-season tent to camp in cold winter conditions then you can check HERE our list of top 10 best canvas tents of 2020.

6. Packed Weight and Size

The packed size of the Bushnell shield series cabin-style 6P tent is 48 in x 9 in or we can say 122 cm x 23 cm. The packed weight of this cabin-style tent is 24.9 pounds i.e. 11.3 kilograms. The packed weight and size of this tent are perfectly adequate because it has strong telescopic poles and the frame structure is pre-attached to the tent.

You can even carry this tent on a two-wheeled motorcycle. It will be best for car camping. In case, if your car is fully packed with campers, bags, and other stuff then you can tie this packed tent carry bag on the roof of your car. If your parked car is far from the camping site then you can divide the weight among camping mates.

7. Storage Options

The Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent has only two mesh small storage pockets inside the tent. These storage pockets will let you keep your small stuff like flashlights, torch, lighter, keys, knife, smartphone, etc. The fly is minimalistic and doesn’t create a vestibule. There are no external storage options available. This tent is best for car camping. You can keep your bags in the car to save some space.

The company is providing a one-year limited warranty on this tent model. The Coleman six-person instant cabin tent is available at an affordable price. There are thousands of positive reverse available on the internet about this tent. If you need a smaller size then you have a four-person size tent. If you are with your whole family then the company has a ten-person size variant for you.

Is it Worth Investing in Coleman 6 Person Tent?

When you are looking to get a tent, take it as an investment option rather than buying a new tent every season. The Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent is worth it when your aim is for family car camping in summers. This tent is featured as an instant setup mechanism. The tent poles are telescopic and the frame of the pole is pre-attached to the tent.

It takes only 60 seconds to setup. Disassembling the tent is as easy as installing it. There are huge windows all around the tent along with a large door. The windows and doors also have zippered and flap panels.

This tent provides 90 sq. ft. of floor area and 6 ft 2 in of peak height. The tent interior is spacious enough to accommodate six sleeping bags. The tall height and steep walls let you insert bunk cots for kids to save some space in the tent. This is a freestanding structure and it is not compulsory to stake this tent to the ground.

There are guylines and stakes included with the tent package. So, you can use them whenever possible. There are illuminative guylines for greater visibility in the darkness. This tent comes with Coleman’s WeatherTec patented system that includes inverted seams and welded floors.

An expandable carry bag is provided so that you can easily pack the tent if you are in hurry. Overall, the Coleman six-person instant cabin tent is a very good option to invest in making your camping trip comfortable, convenient, and memorable. You can check out similar Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person tent review here.


We have reviewed the Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent. This tent comes with telescopic poles and the frame of the pole is pre-attached to the tent. It takes only 60 seconds to setup. It has an integrated fly and cones with Coleman’s WeatherTec patented system. The huge windows and doors come with zipper and flap panels.

It has inverted seams and welded floors. The tent roof and walls are waterproof. This tent is packed with all these features at a very affordable price. What do you think about this Coleman tent model? You can share your views in the comments section below. Keep reading for more camping tips and tent reviews.

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