Bushnell Shield Series 11 x 9 Instant Cabin Tent Review

Are you looking for a liveable family camping tent for summers or a 6-person tent for music festival nights? Are you confused about whether the Bushnell shield series 11 x 9 instant cabin tent will be a good option for you? This guide is entirely dedicated to you because below we have the detailed and unbiased review of the Bushnell shield series 11 x 9 ft 6 person cabin tent.

We have reviewed this tent on various factors including the tent setup time, structure of the tent, person capacity, the ventilation, weather resistance, packed weight and size, and additional features. By the end, you will have a clear concept that is it the right tent for you? Let’s begin with some main highlighted features of this instant setup tent.

Bushnell Shield Series 11′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent Features

Bushnell Shield Series

  • 99 sq. ft. of inner tent floor area
  • 72 inches peak height
  • Steel poles
  • Reflective fly
  • Heat Shield Technology
  • Instant setup
  • Five windows
  • E-cable port
  • Awning
  • Gear loft
  • Freestanding tent
  • Available at an excellent price

  • Spacious interior

  • Good ventilation

  • Large door

  • Available in three sizes

  • Good packed size

  • Heavyweight

Bushnell Shield Series 11 x 9 Instant Cabin Tent Review (6 Person Tent)

1. Tent Setup

The Bushnell shield series cabin-style six-person tent is an excellent option for camping with family or friends. This tent is best on every trip, whether you are on a cross-country or a family camping trip. The tent poles are made up of sturdy steel, and a total of fifteen stakes are included in the tent package.

The Bushnell shield series 6 person tent comes with an instant setup. The frame is pre-attached to the tent. There are four leg poles that you have to extend until you hear a click. This click sound means that the poles are extended to the right length, and they are locked.

As per our experience, this tent takes only sixty seconds for setup completion. Therefore, this tent is the best option for those who do not like to spend lots of time just pitching the tent. No one wants to pay half of the day in only installing the tent.

Even, if you are on a family camping trip, kids, and pet dog around, you need attention. In these cases, you will not be going to find any other best option than the Bushnell shield series 11 x 9 ft 6 person tent.

2. Tent Structure

The Bushnell shield series 6-person tent has a freestanding structure. You need to extend the poles, and it is ready to use. This freestanding structure allows you to pitch this tent even on hard surfaces.

As we said, 15 stakes are included with the tent. So, make sure to use them whenever possible. These will make your tent more stable and taut against winds. This is a box-like design cabin-style structure.

The peak height of the tent is around 72 inches, or we can say 183 cm. It is a cabin-style tent. Therefore, you have the standing height at the sides is the same as the centre height. You don’t need to bend your neck or back to walk inside. Still, if you are a taller camper with 6.5 ft plus height, then you can check out our list of the best sleeping bags for tall people.

For the fly setup, you will need to add an extra pole. The fly has flaps at sides, and it also creates an awning. The fly setup also needs to be staked down. Hence, it takes around a few minutes for the tent fly setup. The tent has a total of five windows on all sides. The ceiling is with mesh for proper air circulation. The tent door comes with an inverted T zipper.

3. Person Capacity

Bushnell Shield Series Inside View of the Tent

On the setup completion, the tent dimensions, including the awning measure as 11 ft x 12 ft, or we can say 337 cm x 366 cm. The inner tent dimensions are 11 ft x 9 ft, i.e. 335 cm z 274 cm. The inner tent area is around 99 sq. ft. (9.2 sq. m.).

The declared person capacity of the tent is around six-person. Therefore, you get 16.5 sq. ft. of inner tent area per person. The Bushnell shield series cabin-style tent is also available in nine-person and twelve-person sizes.

This is a single room structure tent because there is no room divider available inside. Practically, you can fit two queen size air beds inside the tent, but it will consume lots of space. Don’t forget that, when you are on a family camping trip, you will also have some carry bags, accessories, and camping essentials with you.

This stuff will consume some space inside the tent. This tent does not come with a vestibule or any other external storage options. Therefore, for a comfortable camping experience, this tent will best suit for parents with up to two kids.

Otherwise, this tent is perfectly suitable for six people when you are on a cross-country trip, a music festival night, or a summer festival. If you loved this tent and need some extra space, then you can invest in its more significant size variants – twelve-person or nine-person tent sizes.

4. The Ventilation

From the ventilation perspective, the Bushnell shield series 11 ft x 9 ft six-person tent performs very well. There are a total of five large windows available on all sides of the tent. Three windows are on the adjacent sides, whereas two windows are positioned on the upper section of the front door.

All of these windows are with mesh and zippered panels. Hence, you are safe from blood-sucking mosquitoes and irritating flies. The zippered panels also allow you to close the windows whenever required.

It has a large front door with a mesh panel. A large ground vent is also available that allows the cold air to get inside the tent. The mesh ceiling on the roof also plays a vital role in exhaling the warm air and enjoy stargazing at night. These openings work in a great combination that maintains proper air circulation throughout the tent.

Moreover, there will be no issue of condensation build on the tent walls if the tent is fully packed with campers. The ground vent can be zipped if you feel colder and it has a mesh panel to restrict any mosquitoes or flies to get inside. Therefore, the Bushnell shield series 11 ft x 9 ft six-person cabin-style tent is unbeatable in terms of ventilation.

5. Weather Resistance

The Bushnell shield series cabin-style six-person tent is a two-season tent. The company has not given much information about the fabric material used in the tent. They have used the terms water repellent Weather Shield fabric, and the seams are taped waterproof.

Therefore, this tent will not be going to leak in light rain conditions, but still, it is not a good tent in bad weather conditions. You can also check out the best tents for stargazing.

The tent walls look like not less than 150D polyester, and the floor fabric is catenary type. The company has described the fly as a 3/4 type. This fly doesn’t cover the tent completely like a full-coverage fly. Here, the advantage is that the views from the windows are unobstructed. These pananomic windows of the tent will provide you with a good view of the outside without leaving the tent.

The fly creates a 2.5 ft to 3 ft deep awning above the front door. There are flaps at the sides of the shelter. Hence, the front windows will not need to be closed in the raining conditions. The other three windows are double-layer with mesh and zippered panels. These will need to complete so that rainwater doesn’t get inside through them.

The mesh ceiling will keep the interior well ventilated, but this will lead to entering the cold air in the winters. Hence, the Bushnell shield series 11 ft x 9 ft 6 person tent is suitable in hot summers. There are steel poles and a strong frame structure to keep the tent taut in windy conditions.

Overall, the Bushnell shield series six-person cabin style tent with awning stands as the best option in warmer and hot summers. It is recommended not to use this tent in heavy rainfall. Otherwise, this cabin-style tent is a very liveable tent for family camping.

The Bushnell shield series 6 person tent also comes with heat shield technology and silver coating on the rainfly. This keeps your tent stays cooler inside in hot sunny summers and provides a dark environment inside for a comfortable afternoon nap.

6. Packed Size and Weight

The packed size of the Bushnell shield series cabin-style 6 person tent is 47.6 in x 10.4 in x 10 in or we can say 121 cm x 26 cm x 25 cm. The packed weight of this cabin-style tent is 26 pounds, i.e. 11.8 kilograms. The full weight and size of this tent are perfectly adequate because it has strong steel poles, and the frame structure is pre-attached to the tent.

You can even carry this tent on a two-wheeled motorcycle. It will be best for car camping. In case, if your car is fully packed with campers, bags, and other stuff, then you can tie this packed tent carry bag on the roof of your vehicle. If your parked car is far from the camping site, then you can divide the weight among camping mates.

7. Additional Features

The Bushnell shield series cabin-style 6-person tent is also packed with some great additional features that are very useful. A removable gear loft is available that can be used to keep your small stuff and other essentials. A lantern loop is also open above the gear loft. There are storage systems also available under both sides. The awning protects these storage options, and you can use them to keep small stuff.

There are two small storage pockets also available in the inner tent to keep flashlights, smartphones, keys, lighter, and other small stuff, etc. The zipper pulls used in the tent are reflective and very convenient. When you are ready to leave the camping site, disassembling and packing the tent is also very easy and quick.

You have to start by removing the stakes, then the awning pole, and the fly. Now, you can press the orange button available on four legs poles. The tent poles will collapse towards the centre of the tent, and you have to push it down to the elbow joints. Now, you can fold and pack this tent.

Is it worth to buy the Bushnell shield series 6 person cabin style tent?

Our one-word answer will be Yes! The Bushnell shield series cabin-style 6 people tent is an unbeatable option for family camping in summers. This tent has large five windows, a mesh ceiling, and a floor vent for proper air circulation throughout the tent. The fly comes with heat shield technology that keeps the inner tent temperature low as compared to the outside.

The tent setup is relatively easy, and it takes only 60 seconds for completion. The frame is pre-attached to the tent. There are strong steel poles, and this is a freestanding tent. On top of that, it is available to buy at an excellent price. If you need a sizeable spacious tent, then it also comes in 9-person and 12-person sizes.

Summing Up

We discussed the in-depth and unbiased review of the Bushnell shield series 11 ft x 9 ft six-person cabin style tent. This is a perfect liveable tent in hot summers for family camping. It is packed with tons of useful features that make the camping experience more convenient.

The 3/4 rainfly comes with heat shield technology and doesn’t obstruct the views from windows. Which quality of this tent did you like the most? You can share your opinions in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us to get more camping tips and detailed tent reviews.

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